7 Ways To Get Back On Track When You’ve Fallen Off The Detox Wagon

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By Darlene Mars

We’ve all been there. That moment of lucidity just before you indulge in that larger than life piece of pie a la mode in front of you and realize that once again, you’ve fallen – off your detox, that is – and you can’t get up… or can you?

Throw that guilt out the window, my friend because these things happen. It’s how you get back on track and persevere that matters.

Here are some ways to get back on track and re-commit to your healthy eating habits to leave you feeling refreshed, refocused and ready to rock!

  1. Don’t let a moment become a mood. One heavy meal, or one cheat day doesn’t need to spiral into guilt eating and feelings of failure. You’re human and life is meant to be enjoyed. Know your limits and stick to them.
  1. Go shopping. Clear the fridge of the leftover binge food and get some greens in there immediately. Did you know that the psychology behind simply looking at healthy foods conditions your body to desire them? Yep! It’s true.
  1. Decorate your plate. Leave a bowl of fruit on the counter. Prepare a colorful salad and chop some veggies for snacks. Make healthy foods readily available when you are feeling the need to grab something on the go. And nix the bag of chips or cookies next time you’re at the market. Those are just unnecessary temptations. Instead, enjoy these tasty indulgences when you’re out for a special occasion and really savor them.
  1. Schedule your workouts. Whether it is for 5 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour, carve out time to make your workouts a priority. This will enhance your feelings of accomplishment and self-worth, which often translates into better food choices and a better mood.
  1. Drink water. By the time you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Start your day with warm water and lemon. This physically and mentally prepares your body for cleansing and revs up your metabolism, signaling your body that it’s time to get to work
  1. Sleep it off. Getting the sleep your body requires will reduce unnecessary snacking as you won’t be searching for the extra energy found in food. Using lavender oil on the bottoms of your feet and/or supplementing with magnesium before bed are great ways to induce a state of calm and relaxation. Magnesium also aids in digestion and is something that most of us are deficient in, without even knowing it.
  1. Be nice. Speak kindly to yourself when you look in the mirror. Let your body know how much you love it and vow  to begin taking care of it again. Please remember it is not the scale that dictates your worth, but often your feelings of worth that fluctuate the scale.

You are going to have a moment, a meal, a time in your life that results in less optimal choices and that is okay! It means you are human. You also have the capacity to get up and start again, which makes you unstoppable.

Deep breaths help us to reduce our personal stress, so does forgiveness. Wellness is a practice that comes from a daily effort. You are wholeheartedly worth it and don’t you forget it!

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Darlene Mars
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Darlene Mars

Writer and Health Advocate at Harmony House Yoga
Writer and health advocate for over 20 years, Darlene Mars opened Harmony House Yoga in Cooper City, FL in 2001. She is recognized as a yoga teacher and as a bodyworker as well as a host for regular interactive lectures on holistic wellness. She is a personal life coach and mentor as she motivates others toward living their most awakened life.

Trained in raw food prep, Darlene enjoys creating and sharing healthy food, is an avid runner, reader, philosopher, tree hugger and zesty lifer. She resides in Davie, Florida.
Darlene Mars
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