7 Foods That Could Save Your Life


Written by: Greg Ashby

Did you know that only about 25% of adults eat 3 or more serving of vegetables daily? It’s true! And maybe you’re one of them…

Fresh vegetables are the cornerstone of health and many of you are missing the amazing benefits of leafy greens in particular. These powerhouse veggies enhance the immune cells in your gut, which protect your body from inflammation, infections and disease.

But there are other foods that pack a powerful nutritional punch as well and may be just as important!

Here are 7 Must Have Foods to include into your diet, each and every day.

kaleyann_KaleChips_11. Kale: Kale is one of the best sources of cancer-thwarting compounds, called glucosinolates and other important compounds to protect your heart, help lower blood sugar, strengthen bones and reduce inflammation in your body. Kale is also loaded with antioxidants.

Enjoy this superstar veggie in a stir-fry, simply by sauteing kale in olive or coconut oil on medium heat with chopped red onions, then braise with stock (veggie or meat) for 5-10 minutes. Swiss chard and arugula are also great add-ins. Pair with quality seafood or other animal protein for a complete meal.

2. Beans: Are a great meatless protein. They also contain fiber, which is essential for normalizing cholesterol and hormone and digestive regulation. Fiber is also protective against colon and stomach cancer.

3. Onions: Contain quercetin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, which is also present in garlic, shallots and green onions. Additionally, these foods contain another health promoting compound called sulfur. Quercetin may help to increase endurance and can also be found in the skin of apples.

4. Mushrooms: Contain fiber, antioxidants and minerals, as well as immune enhancing compounds. Button mushrooms have been shown to be beneficial against Breast Cancer. Mushrooms of all types have a tendency to trick your taste buds, so you feel like you are eating more food than you are (a bonus for your waistline too). Try shiitake or maitake in soups. Mushrooms may reduce your risk of cancer and diabetes. If you cannot stomach the idea of eating mushrooms, but want all the health benefits of them, here is what I use.

5. Almonds: Contain calcium, magnesium vitamin E, selenium and fiber, therefore, they are great protectors against cancer and may help to lower cholesterol.

6. Walnuts: These nuts are especially beneficial for your brain and heart and contain ellagic acid, a cancer protective antioxidant.

what-are-capers7. Capers: May reduce cancer and also contain quercetin, along with other antioxidants, vitamins A & K and minerals iron, magnesium and copper

These micro-nutrient dense foods give you more nutritional bang for your buck, resulting in less of a  desire to overeat, while fueling your body with an abundance of nutrition that it needs for optimal health.

You may benefit your health further by removing the following, which provide little to no nutritional-value and are often full of pesticides and toxins due to the over-processing in our modern day society:

  • Refined sugar
  • Non-organic, conventional dairy products
  • Commercial meat products
  • Farmed fish
  • Refined oils

Here are some wonderful books if you’re interested in reading more:

Meals That Heal

The Wahls Protocol

The Omni Diet


Greg Ashby
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Greg Ashby

Integrative Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Consultant at Ask Dr. Garland
Greg Ashby, CHHC, AADP lives in Ogden, Utah and is an Integrative Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Consultant. Greg has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years.

Because of his personal experience with Adrenal and Thyroid disorders, as well as Cancer, he’s committed to the areas of Autoimmunity and Cancer prevention and management when it comes to research and his work. He enjoys studying the Psychology of Eating and Behavioral Disorders.
Greg Ashby
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