7 Famous Lucid Dreamers Who Followed Their Dreams

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Written by: Drew Canole

Lucid dreaming is the process that people have used for thousands of years to wake up during their dream and see it as a dream. Once the dreamer is in this state it becomes like a videogame or a movie in which they are the actor, director, engineers and the space all at once.

In a lucid dream you become fully conscious that you are dreaming, from this ability you are able to change your surroundings, the people, places, events and circumstances of your dream.

People in lucid dreams experience strange things when they stop to question the reality of their dream and realize they are indeed dreaming.

Following are 7 famous individuals who very literally followed their dreams to create success in their waking life.

The sewing machine – In 1905 Popular Mechanics reported that Elias Howe invented the sewing machine because of inspiration from a dream. “One night he dreamed he was building a sewing machine in a strange country for a savage king. The king had given him twenty four hours to complete the machine and make it sew, but try as he would he could not make the needle work, and finally gave up in despair. At sunrise he was taken out to be executed, and with the mechanical action of the mind in times of great crises he noted that the spears carried by the warriors were pierced near the head. Suddenly, he realized that here was the solution of the sewing machine needle. He begged for time–and while still begging awoke. It was four o’ clock. Hastily he dressed and went to his workshop–at nine o’clock the model of the needle with an eye at the point was finished.”

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Christopher Nolan’s Inception – The inspiration for the movie Inception came to Christopher because of his own lucid dreams. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Nolan said that ever since he was little he was intrigued at how he would wake up and then, as he fell back into a shallow sleep, hold onto the awareness that he was in a dream. He felt that in this state he could study and even alter the events of his dreams. Of the movie he said, “I wrote the first draft of this script seven or eight years ago, but it goes back much further, this idea of approaching dream and the dream life as another state of reality.”

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The discovery of DNA – The shape and structure of DNA was unknown to scientists until 1953 when Dr. James Watson had a dream of two intertwined serpents that made him consider the possibility of a double helix.

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Thomas Edison – Although we aren’t sure if his famous inventions came about because of his dreams, many people believe that Edison was an avid lucid dreamer. There were some times where he would place a metal tin on the floor between his feet and hold a rock in his hands while he was brainstorming, so that if he fell asleep the rock would fall into the tin and wake him up. In those days, this was a strategy for lucid dreaming. Edison believed that dreams were often the forerunner to brilliant ideas.

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Albert Einstein – Most famous for his E=MC2 equation, Einstein claims that the inspiration for the Theory of Relativity came to him in a dream. He says he was hurling down a mountainside, going faster and faster until the stars blurred above him and were altered in appearance as he approached the speed of light.

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Otto Loewi – Won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1936 for paying attention to and acting on his dreams. Otto had a dream which led him to understand the chemical transmission of nerve impulses.

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Disney World – Walt Disney was a big dreamer, which is evident in all that he created while alive. “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

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All of these people knew how to access their dreams for the benefit of humanity and material wealth during the awakened hour.

We spend a great deal of time sleeping and dreaming. Most people don’t really think about it once they get up in the morning. A whole third of our life is spent in bed! (Although a lot of us may be shortening that because we overfill our schedules and are too busy to sleep.)

When I became a lucid dreamer, I realized that my life didn’t get paused at night. Although sleep was still a time of rest and rejuvenation,  it also became a safe ground for conscious processing, creativity, inspiration, discovery, healing and preparation.

Are you a lucid dreamer? Tell me your story!

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