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The question of “Why are we here?” is often asked and simultaneously, attempted to be answered. We are definitely here for a reason. All of this magic isn’t for nothing. A lot of us still haven’t realized our purpose and I believe that is our only true obligation on this planet: to realize our purpose and to actually fulfill it.

Spiritual enlightenment (spiritual awakening) isn’t something that happens once and then that’s it. We don’t sit atop some metaphorical mountain top with a glowing white light all around us as the gods adorn us “enlightened”.


And further more, we then don’t float through life – never even touching the ground – while the unenlightened minions beneath us continue to wander aimlessly throughout their peasant life.

Nope. Not how it works.

This journey is never ending and continuously expanding. The truest master is committed to endlessly being a student as long as he or she is in human form. We actively live our breakthroughs every single day. And for us to choose a path committed to spiritual enlightenment is to make the most important decision of our life thus far, because that is part of the only step that can begin this magical process.

So how can you do that? It’s actually easier than you may think. Let’s dig in.

1. Be curious

When we know, deeply within our soul, that there is something more to life than this day to day dance – we are curious. We want to know more. Discover more. And experience more. So then we decide that since there must be more, it’s time to dive in, dig deep and uncover some of the questions we haven’t been able to answer on our own.

It is in this moment that we become bigger than our Ego and our Self becomes ready for this lifelong journey. No one else can want this journey more for you than you want it for you. It’s when others try to push us along this path that our Ego becomes bigger than the Pusher.

2. Purge

In order to have more, we sometimes need to make room for more. And if our space is filled with stuff, people, food, products, or habits that are no longer serving us – it’s time to send ‘em to the curb with love and gratitude. Don’t cast these anchors away with contempt or anger.

Be grateful for contrast, because that’s what has us discover what we truly want and desire. Gently let go of anything that no longer brings you joy, energy, excitement, clarity, or total wellness (mind, body, soul). Physical clutter creates mental and spiritual clutter.

3. Cleanse

Now that you’ve made space for nothing but goodness, begin to introduce only the best of the best. Eat high vibration and REAL food, not food products with a bajillion ingredients that can’t pronounce. I absolutely love GREEN JUICE by Organifi. I put it in my body every day! If we eat crap, it clouds our entire state and lowers our vibration. And that’s not good for anyone – you or the world.

Organize your living and working space so your creativity can flow. Surround yourself with people who reflect your newly chosen path. You can’t be on this enlightened mission with people (who you met because your old habits and ways of being) trying to latch on to you like barnacles.

Use cleaning and body products made by companies who operate on high integrity. We vote with our dollars. Don’t support massive corporations who give zero f**ks about our environment. Buy local and organic. You simply can’t go wrong.

4. Binge

Fill up your mind with solid information that resonates with YOU. There is not ONE path for everyone. Can you imagine this world if everyone just let everyone walk their own path? If Buddha is your homeboy, rock out with him. If you love Jesus, thump that Bible.

If personal development/leadership/mastery is your jam, there is an abundant plethora of workshops, videos, blogs, books and masterminds that you can dive into. There is no shortage of ANYTHING that’ll support you on your quest to learning more about how to be the best human you can possibly be.

5. Practice


Once you’ve found your groove, actively put your learnings into physical practice. Journal about all that you’re noticing. Document your progress and realizations (you could actually use this stuff in Step 6!).

Embody it. The body is simply a vehicle that carries our spirit, message and voice throughout our human experience. So take care of it on your journey. Move it with intention every single day. Do yoga. Hike. Run. Walk. Lunge. Stretch. And, most importantly, LOVE your body. It hears and believes everything that you say.

Be it. Your ways of being reflect who and what you are. If you truly want spiritual enlightenment, be the light. Don’t be a jerk; not even sometimes. And when you do a little dance with your Ego, own up to it, acknowledge it and call it like it is. Being responsible for all of our doings is what the cool people are.

Do it. The saying “Practice what you preach,” is a legit combination of words. Your knowledge is worthless if you don’t apply it. Some examples of humans who completely abuse their knowledge: doctors who smoke cigarettes. Athletes who eat garbage. Therapists who are in constant breakdown. Wealthy people who live in constant scarcity. Don’t be like them. Be like YOU and only YOU.

6. Give

Give back and pay it forward. Make a difference in this world by sharing your time, talents and compassion with others. We, as humans, are either takers or givers. There really isn’t an “in between”. We are meant to give love and offer our own personal gifts to the world. Can you imagine if John Lennon, Mother Teresa, or MLK Jr. had decided to just passively meander through life? Think about how many budding leaders there are who still haven’t discovered their purpose!

When we give our love to the world, it can show up in a variety of ways so remember that there isn’t ONE way to offer your gift. I make inspirational videos, write blogs and teach workshops. That’s the stuff that lights me up! Discover whatever it is that you LOVE to do and do that more than anything else. Be a giver of your time and energy to a movement that is much bigger than yourself.

In this world of giving, giving, giving – the Ego tells us to not receive. It tells us that, as a humble servant, we shouldn’t need to receive anything. That’s one of the biggest lies your Ego will ever tell you. Receiving is NOT the same thing as taking. When we receive offerings from others, we are perpetuating the giving/receiving cycle. If we want to exhale, we must first INHALE. Receiving is allowing someone else the opportunity to give to us. When we refuse a gift, we’re actually being a taker. We take away the pleasure of someone being able to give to us.  

Don’t do that.

7. Repeat

Yes. Begin this process all over again when you feel the need. Everything in life is cyclical. Time is not linear. Give yourself permission to reinvent all that you are while you constantly expand as a human. You will continue to acquire things that you will eventually get rid of. You will have high moments of health, fitness and wellness and you will experience the dips and valleys as well.

There are books, many of them, that say they have the answer for you. The titles actually depict a promise that you will be enlightened after you read said book. And I don’t really see anything wrong with that. I love the intention. I believe that true enlightenment is to live it every day and know that the Ego will always be a part of us. We will never be free from our Ego. But we do have the capacity to become emotionally intelligent enough to know when our Ego is trying to lead the way.

To say that we are free from our Ego is actually an Ego conversation. Accept and embrace your Ego while being committed to become the best version of yourself in this lifetime. We can do anything, but we can’t do everything. So be gentle with yourself and know that you ARE enough. Most importantly, love all that is you.

Always remember, we’re in this together!

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Jenna Ballard

Jenna Ballard

Jenna Phillips-Ballard at Certified Personal Trainer
Jenna Phillips-Ballard is a Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Plus and Spin Instructor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Transformation Expert and an all around Boss Woman. She began her career 10 years ago as a certified personal trainer and life coach for celebrities and has been featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors.
Jenna Ballard


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-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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