7 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy (Enter to Win One Too!)



We all know that sweating gives us a lot of health benefits. It burns our calories which is good for weight loss. It aids our bodies in fighting against aging. It clears up our skin, among many other things. This is why exercise is one of the most irrefutable claims towards health. And sweating is a key element in the equation.

But what if you cannot sweat? What if you’re having a hard time to sweat and achieve the benefits of sweating?

This is where we bring you infrared saunas. The good thing about infrared saunas is they can readily be installed inside your own homes. You don’t have to go to the gym to find motivation to sweat. You don’t have to go somewhere else to get rid of these body toxins that are accumulating inside your precious body.

Let’s have a quick run of the benefits of infrared sauna therapy!

1) Great for Detoxification

The therapy detoxifies your body by sweating. We all know how sweating allows our bodies to get rid of the excess dirt in our systems. With infrared sauna therapy, we give our bodies that break that they deserve.

2) Great for Relaxation

Our bodies ultimately needs relaxation. And while there are many forms to relax, infrared sauna therapy brings relaxation to the next level. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with your significant other, enjoy wellness, and feel the presence of each other.

3) Great for Pain Relief

What is the perfect way to end a stressful work day? Are you suffering from body pain? Since infrared sauna therapy increases circulation in your body, you can achieve pain relief much more easily.

4) Great for Weight Loss

Heat is an important element of weight loss. It’s about burning excess fat in our bodies. Infrared sauna therapies aids us in our goal to burn fat by heating up our bodies and burning the fat that resides in us.

5) Great for Circulation

Blood circulation is an important element of health and wellness. And what infrared sauna therapy does is it increases blood circulation just like how other physical therapies work.

6) Increases Human Growth Hormone

This is a proven benefit of hypothermic conditioning. According to studies, sauna therapies increases growth hormone by 60 times. This gives you leverage in physical activities of your interest, bringing you to an optimal shape to perform and move. It’s also cited to have benefit for insulin sensitivity, which is good for people with diabetes.

7) Increases Neurogenesis in the Brain

When you sit in an infrared sauna, your brain cells are activated and triggered for activity and vibration. It helps you achieve mental health, making you sharp and responsive.


Start slow. Don’t rush your body. You can start from 10-15 minutes at a lower degree range.

Fitlifers, I love Infrared Sauna. We in the Fitlife Team recommend this innovation that integrates health and technology. 

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