7 Beauty Care Secrets Using Apple Cider Vinegar



By Brandi Monasco

7 Beauty Care Secrets Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been around for centuries. It is a type of vinegar that is made from the juice of apples after they have been crushed and squeezed. Yeast and bacteria are added to the juice to start the fermentation process, which turns the natural sugars into alcohol. After this, the alcohol is converted into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria, which gives you the potent product of apple cider vinegar.

You might have a bottle of apple cider vinegar sitting on your pantry shelf right now. Apple cider vinegar is commonly used in marinades, salad dressings, vinaigrettes, food preservatives and many other things. It can also be used as an alternative to cleaning solutions.

But did you know that apple cider vinegar also has natural health benefits?

The acetic acid that is created during the fermentation process has the ability to kill “bad” bacteria, but at the same time, fosters the growth of “good” bacteria. Because the acetic acid kills off bad bacteria, ACV acts as a natural antibiotic and it has been known to treat numerous illnesses, diseases and ailments.

Here are 7 of apple cider vinegar’s top uses:

1. Soothes A Sore Throat – As soon as you feel a scratchy or prickly throat coming on, mix ¼ cup apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup warm water and gargle every hour or two. ACV is loaded with vitamins and probiotic-boosting acetic acid that can beat back those sore throat symptoms before they get too unbearable.

2. Soothes Your Tummy – Simply sipping on apple cider vinegar and water can help ease tummy problems. If you have a bacterial problem, ACV and water can help because of the antibiotic properties. Just mix one or two tablespoons into water and drink. You can also try adding raw honey to sweeten the mixture a bit.

3. Clears A Stuffy Nose – A stuffy nose is typically caused by a cold or allergies, among other things. The next time you feel stuffed up, mix a teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water and drink. ACV contains potassium, which helps to thin mucus and can help drain sinuses.

4. Aids In Weight Loss – The acetic acid found in ACV suppresses your appetite, reduces water retention and increases your metabolism. It is also said that ACV interferes with the digestion of starch, which means fewer calories entering the bloodstream. To use ACV for weight loss, mix one or two tablespoons of ACV with water and drink before a meal.  

5. Soothes Sunburn – Put 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a lukewarm bath along with ¼ cup of coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Soak your body, concentrating on the burnt area.

6. Makes Your Hair Shine – Apple cider vinegar can be used as a hair conditioner. Simply take an old shampoo bottle and fill it with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Use this mixture on your hair after shampooing and rinsing three times a week.

7. Clears Acne – Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of your skin, therefore, making it a great natural toner. The antibiotic properties in ACV help keep acne and blemishes under control. The malic and lactic acids that are found in ACV also soften and exfoliate your skin. To use this to treat acne and blemishes, dilute the ACV with a little bit of water and rub the affected area.

Many people do not like the smell or taste of apple cider vinegar. If you are one of those people, here are 3 ways you can drink ACV without the potent taste:

Option #1:

  • 1 tbs ACV
  • 8 oz water
  • 1 tbs raw honey to sweeten


Option #2:

  • 1tbs ACV
  • 6 oz water
  • 2oz raw unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Splash of lime juice


Option #3:

  • 1 tbs ACV
  • 6 oz water
  • 2 oz fresh apple juice
  • Dash of cinnamon


Tell us – what is your favorite way to use apple cider vinegar? Comment below and let us know!


Brandi Monasco

Brandi Monasco

Health Advocate at Gettin' Healthy
Brandi Monasco is a freelance writer, graphic designer and social media manager from Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and has recently found a new love for health and nutrition.
Brandi Monasco

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