7 Awesome Benefits Of Walnuts



By Kirsten Cowart

Walnuts are not only delicious, but they are also awesome for your health! They are packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Walnuts actually even look like one of the major body organs that they boost – the brain!

Walnuts are part of the nut tree family and one simple serving will give you all of the daily value you need of omega-3 fatty acids along with minerals such as manganese, copper, molybdenum and biotin.

In order to experience these 7 awesome benefits from walnuts, you only need to eat about 7 shelled walnuts or one ounce a day.

Here are the 7 ways walnuts will boost your health:

1. Incredible Cancer-Fighting Properties

Walnuts help reduce your chances of getting breast or prostate cancer. In a study on mice (that ate a scaled down version of the daily human dose of walnuts for 18 weeks) had much slower-growing and smaller prostate tumors.

Walnuts have been found to reduce the cancer growth rate in the prostate by 30-40%. Another study in mice found that the risk of breast cancer was cut in half and those that had tumors experienced a 50% slower tumor growth rate too.

2. Healthy Heart

Walnuts contain an amino acid known an l-arginine that helps protect your blood vessels and reduces your risks of heart disease. On that same note, if you struggle with herpes, you may want to limit or avoid walnuts, because they will deplete the amino acid lysine, which can cause herpes to recur.

As mentioned, walnuts also have omega-3 fatty acids that can help prevent blood clots and help as anti-inflammatories. They reduce your risk of having a heart attack by 50%.

3. Powerful And Rare Antioxidants

Antioxidants combat free radicals; antioxidants are believed to help keep you healthy and slow age-related deterioration. Walnuts have several unique and rare antioxidants that help protect the body while preventing chemically-induced liver damage.

4. Weight Control And Balance

Adding walnuts to your daily diet can help you maintain your ideal weight. In a review of 31 trials, diets that included nuts (especially those that replaced other foods) reported that they lost an extra 1.4 pounds and half an inch extra around their waist.

5. Improved Reproductive Health In Men

One of the lesser-known walnut benefits is on male fertility. When men ate a traditional western diet ate around 75 grams or about half a cup of walnuts a day, their sperm quality significantly improved.

6. Brain Health

Walnuts contain vitamin E, melatonin, omega-3s, folate and antioxidants. These little nuts actually look a little like brains and those ingredients help support healthy brain function. They also help young adults increase their inferential reasoning.

One study found that high-antioxidant foods such as walnuts “can decrease the enhanced vulnerability to oxidative stress that occurs in aging,” “increase health span” and also “enhance cognitive and motor function in aging.”

7. Diabetes And Metabolism

The awesome dietary fat in a walnut has been shown to help improve the metabolism in people with type 2 diabetes. Adults with type 2 diabetes that were also overweight who ate 1/4th of a cup of walnuts a day had a significant reduction in their fasting insulin levels. That result was achieved in only 3 months of walnut consumption.

Bonus Walnut Smoothie Recipe

Walnut Smoothie Recipe
  • 1 ½ cup of ice
  • ½ cup almond or cashew milk, unsweetened
  • 3 tablespoons of walnut pieces
  • 2 dried dates, pitted and chopped
  • ½ medium banana, peeled
  • Handful of leafy greens (spinach are the most mild in flavor)
  1. Blend and enjoy!

Do you love walnuts? Let us know your experiences in the comments below as well as your favorite ways to include walnuts in your diet.


Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/05/19/7-walnuts-benefits.aspxnewuseGIVEURBODY30BANNER

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Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Cowart is a writer and researcher that has worked in the spiritual, mental health and medical fields.Kirsten enjoys studying and experiencing the benefits of yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbalism, organic gardening and alternative health.She worked hard in 2014 losing over 40 lbs. and has since maintained a healthy lifestyle.Follow her to learn more about her journey on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube!
Kirsten Campbell
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