6 Ways To Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy For The Whole Family

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Nx86xdrewssexybody-3Written by: Kirsten Cowart

For stress eaters, Halloween can be a “scary” time. Also, when you are making a lot of progress keeping your family on a good track, the holidays can make it really difficult to stay focused.  

When it comes to candy, here are some tricks that will help you stay mindful during this Halloween season.

1. Change Things Up To Break Out Of Mindless Eating

Sometimes, when you start eating, you turn into a robot and start eating piece after piece of candy. Instead of enjoying the candy in your mouth, you are already figuring out which one you want to devour next.  

Try slowing down and really tasting and enjoying the one you are eating in the present moment. Another awesome trick is to try eating candy with your non-dominant hand. This will confuse your body’s mindless flow and help you stay present. Research has shown that this one technique alone can reduce overeating by 30%!

2. Halloween Fairy Or Switch Witch

Oftentimes, when you get a lot of excess candy, you will eat it even if it’s not something you would buy for yourself, just because it’s there. Try out a game with your family called the ‘candy fairy’ or the ‘switch witch.’  

This is a game where the ‘witch’ or ‘fairy’ appears at night and takes all of the candy that has been sorted into the non-favorite pile and replaces it all with something else like fun coupons, small toys or coins. The non-favorite candy that is collected can be thrown away or re-gifted.  

3. Pumpkin Seed Snacks

Sometimes, you just need to chew on something to help with stress eating. Try eating some homemade pumpkin seeds that you have dried out and roasted. Pumpkin seeds contain L-tryptophan, which can help keep away depression.  

4. Protein For Breakfast

If you are having a hard time keeping away from candy, make sure you have an awesome breakfast with some protein to keep the cravings away. Try some eggs, avocado, or almond butter. That way, you won’t be so apt go for the candy the next time you are feeling hungry.  

5. Enjoy Some Cinnamon Tea                                                                                          

Instead of eating candy, try drinking some delicious cinnamon tea. Cinnamon will help you curb the craving while also regulating your blood sugar. Everyone enjoys having something warm to drink on a cold Halloween night!

6. Redefine What You And Your Family Think Of As Treats    

Research has shown that kids are excited just to receive something new. You can give them stickers, erasers, pencils, or little toys instead of candy to excite them. You have to be mindful of your relationship with candy and if you have found healthier alternatives, do those first.  

If you feel that candy is a must-have for halloween, try waiting until Halloween to buy it so that you aren’t snacking all month. Also avoid purchasing the super-sized candy bags so that you can keep your consumption under control. Bite size treats will also help you regulate better.  

Let us know in the comments below what tricks you have learned to stay healthy during Halloween!

Sources- https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/comfort-cravings/201510/6-ways-avoid-overeating-halloween-candy

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