6 Tips To Shop Healthy and How YOU Can Win $1,000 For Groceries – Saturday Strategy

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If you think that shopping healthy is too expensive, think again, my friend. Join one of Fitlife.tv’s Certified Coaches, Jill Smart and I as we navigate through a typical grocery store, showing YOU how to shop healthy, saving you money and unwanted calories!

This may come as a surprise to you, but since Jill began her transformationlosing 80+ pounds already! (give her a round of applause peeps!) – her grocery bill has gone down! She went from buying primarily packaged and processed food, switching instead to REAL food and found that with the abundance of nutrient-dense options, she felt full faster and consumed smaller portions.  

FACT: When you fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to THRIVE, you work to create balance and harmony within, which is where true health begins!


I know that grocery shopping can be really intimidating, especially if you’re used to buying the same thing each trip and you are looking to make a positive change. Where do you start?

We made you a video a while ago on healthy food swaps, but we wanted to show you that shopping doesn’t have to be complicated… Once you get the hang of what healthy shopping looks like, you’ll be able to stop by the grocery store and get out unscathed, with plenty of mouth-watering, energizing and delicious options to make the whole family happy.

We want to make this easy for you, my friend. So get excited – we’re going to give you some tips to get you on the right track to becoming a health-conscious and mindful shopper in no time!

There are some basic guidelines you’ll want to adhere to when it comes to shopping smarter. These are 6 of our super-ninja tips to bring you closer to your goals, while keeping your budget and the health of your family in mind.

1. Buy locally

For some people, buying organic all the time is not an option. If this is you, that’s okay! Check out your local farmers markets, get to know your local farmers and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • What is their process from farm to table (or market)?
  • Do they spray their produce?
  • Do they use feed their animals grain or corn?
  • How are their animals raised?


Ethical practices go a long way and knowing where your food comes from will help you to not only appreciate it that much more, but it will provide you an education into your food supply and your local community.

Just make sure that when buying conventional produce you wash it really well!


The Organic Center

Image source: https://www.organic-center.org/organic-fact-sheets/

2. Eat seasonally

Seasonal foods not only taste better, they are more nutritious and less expensive! Farmers markets are once again a great place to go to ensure you’re sticking to this ninja tip. 🙂

Shopping this way also allows you to enjoy a more diverse menu during the year and experiment with new recipes to keep your tastebuds, belly and family super happy!

Check out which foods are in season, then build a menu around those. If you’re finding it challenging to put a meal plan together, we’ve got you covered. Grab our 30-Day Meal Plan and keep it simple.


How to properly store fruits and veggies

3. Stay away from packaged foods

While these may cost less at the register, they are costly when it comes to your health.

These items are loaded with empty calories, leaving you hungry and unsatisfied, often leading to overeating and ultimately, excess weight and inflammation.

4. Go with a list and a plan!

Take 10 minutes to plan your meals for the week. Remember the rule – cook once, eat 2-3 times. That means you make enough for leftovers, which saves you time in the long-run.

An example would be making a big batch of plain quinoa. You could use it as a warm side dish, adding spices to kick things up a notch and pairing it with chicken and veggies (night 1); use it cold in a salad (night 2); and then warmed with unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds and a drizzle of raw honey (day 3 breakfast).

Get your family involved in this too and be sure to check out our delicious recipes on Fitlife.tv or grab our 30-Day Meal Plan and take the guesswork out of the whole process.


Shopping List

Shopping List 2

5. Shop the perimeter of the store.

This is where the REAL, WHOLE foods are. The closer you get to the center of the store, the more ingredients you’ll find in each item.

There are some exceptions to this rule, which include:

  • Tamari is wheat-free soy sauce, which tastes nearly the same as the stuff you are used to enjoying with your sushi.
  • An upgrade to Tamari would be coconut aminos, which I LOVE and use on just about everything! This is wheat and soy free.
  • Raw almond butter. Just be sure it only contains raw almonds and sea salt.
  • Hot sauce. Watch out for numerous ingredients – “less is best.” And hey, bonus if you learn to make your own! I love hot sauce… feel free to send me your creations. 🙂
  • Spices/herbs. Fresh is best, but that’s not always an option. Load up and use these bad boys to turn a bland dish into something delicious!


Herbs and Spices

Image source: http://www.osborndds.com/2012/11/09/lone-tree-herbs-and-spices-for-oral-health/


If you can’t pronounce it or you don’t know what it is, chances are that your body doesn’t either!

6. Don’t shop hungry!

Before you leave the house or office, have a handful or raw nuts or some veggies to tide you over.

There is nothing worse than stepping into temptation unarmed! Set yourself – and your waistline – up for success. I promise, it will make your trip more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll save money by avoiding snack items that aren’t on your list, which so many people buy simply because they are famished while shopping. This is a big no-no! 🙂

Let’s go shopping!

Buy organic when possible.

Refer to the clean 15 and dirty dozen shopping list and get familiar with the items that you should absolutely always buy organic. While I do recommend buying organic whenever you can, I know it can get costly. This list makes it easy to shop – no more guesswork! 🙂

FACT: Organic foods contain more vitamins, minerals and fiber and retain their nutrient content much longer than conventional options.


Organic vs Conventional
There are enough toxins in our environment. Remove what you can by consuming quality food, alleviating the burden on your body and helping to keep you healthy.

Organic food is FREE of additives, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, contaminants and flavor enhancers.

And guess what? Studies show that eating organic may even lower the risk of certain health conditions, like ADHD, autism, diabetes, migraines and coronary heart disease!

Quality matters with animal protein too!


USDALook for:

  • Wild-caught fish (no dyes), preferably fresh – If it’s farmed, skip it altogether. You should opt for fresh vs. packaged, but if you can’t get that, wild caught packaged works, just pay attention to the sodium content.
  • Free-range organic chicken.
  • Grass-fed beefThe fat content is really based on your goals. More fat is great for your brain and body, unless you are looking to cut weight, in which case you want to look for leaner cuts. If you are looking to pack on more muscle, include more complex carbs (like sweet potatoes) with your protein.
  • Pastured organic eggs.


Egg Carton Labels Guide
Side note: EAT THE YOLK! Contrary to old information, both components are important. The nutrients are primarily stored in the yolk, while the majority of the protein is in the white. And guess what? Studies show that eggs aren’t responsible for raising cholesterol levels. Do you know how many eggs you’d have to eat daily for it to make a bit of difference? It’s a lot… and I am willing to bet you aren’t consuming dozens of eggs each day.

Check out all the things you can do with eggs and eggshells!

Experiment with spices!

Cook with oils that can withstand high temps, such as coconut oil, ghee or grass-fed organic butter.


Coconut Oil
Save your favorite olive oil for cooler temps or use raw on a salad to keep the nutrients in tact. Here are some common cooking oil upgrades!

See, I told you it didn’t have to be complicated. 🙂 Of course, if this is new to you, it will be like anything else you’re trying for the first time. It will take practice and consistency. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to follow every single tip we’ve given you here. Start with where you’re at and commit to taking small steps. Eventually, those small steps will turn into BIG change, which will serve to create a much healthier lifestyle – and YOU – overall.


We’ve teamed up with a company called Thrive that has taken the healthiest products – that we use as Fitlifer’s – and  put them into an online platform so you can order your healthy food at a substantial discount. It’s like going to Costco, only these quality items have been hand selected to come from the best sources possible, providing the consumer – YOU – with hassle-free, HEALTHY and affordable options! How cool is that?!

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One of my favorite things about this company is their dedication to helping people – exactly what we at Fitlife strive to do each day.

With every new membership (which is only $5 each month, or $59.95 annually), Thrive donates a FREE Thrive Market membership to a low-income family. I love that! It’s really a win-win.

If you’re not sure if this type of platform is for you, no problem. Thrive offers a one-month trial membership for those interested in experiencing the ease of healthy shopping.

>>> Check out Gunnar’s story here and ENTER TO WIN a FREE 1- Year membership and $1,000 shopping spree at Thrive Market!

And as an added bonus, order anything over $49 you get FREE shipping!

Now that you have a good idea of how to shop – and where to shop – I want to hear from you!

Did these tips help you?

How will you incorporate them into your life?

Make sure to comment below and share your experience! If you’d like one of our amazing coaches to help you upgrade your plate and train your taste to trim your waist, you can find one here.

Eat Seasonably

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Remember, we’re in this together.

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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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