6 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism

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6 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism

Metabolism naturally slows down with age. That being said, how much it slows down is malleable. Just because you are not as young as you used to be, doesn’t mean your metabolism is working against you. Science has found many strategies to rev up a sluggish metabolism and get you burning more calories on a daily basis.

Science has also found some dietary culprits that are slowing down your metabolism – things a lot of Americans eat every single day!

So if you want to beat the norm and NOT gain 1 ½ pounds every year like the average citizen (that equals 40+ pounds of extra weight once you get into your 50’s!) try to get these foods out of your daily diet!

Foods Covered In Pesticides

foods, metabolism, weight

Foods that are still covered in pesticides when you eat them can be bad news for your metabolism. All the chemicals found in produce sprayed in pesticides end up as water weight and fat inside your body. Canadian researchers did a study that found that this chemical buildup in the body may be linked to a slower metabolism and increased weight gain.

How do you avoid this? Eat organic. If you can’t afford to buy all your produce organic, start with the dirty dozen.

Refined Carbohydrates   

foods, metabolism, weight

Refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, rice) are low in nutritional value and are easily broken down by the body. Since your body doesn’t have to work very hard to break these down, your metabolism slows to a crawl.

Refined carbohydrates also wreck havoc on your digestive system overtime, leading to leaky gut syndrome and other digestive disorders with unfortunate side effects.

If you’re going to eat rice, go for wild rice. If you are going to eat bread, go for these kinds.

Fruit Juice

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Fat doesn’t actually make you fat – it’s sugar! Sugar destroys your metabolism and leads to all kinds of health problems. I know that it seems healthy to drink a glass of orange or apple juice instead of a soda, but consider this: the average glass of apple juice contains a wooping 30 grams of sugar, while a soda only contains 28.

Skip the juice (and soda) – drink water! Or vegetable juice with some lemon or lime to alkalize your body.

Canola Oil

foods, metabolism, weight

Canola oil and other hydrogenated oils cause inflammation in the body, slowing metabolism and disrupting your hormones. They are also 90% GMO (genetically modified organism) which translates to crops sprayed with gallons of pesticides (see above).

Canola oil is abundant in processed snacks and a common staple in American kitchens. Swap out your oil with coconut oil, grass-fed butter and avocado oil instead.

Artificial Sweeteners

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Did you know that aspartame, one of the most common “calorie-free” alternative sweeteners, has been linked to over 92 adverse health reactions?

Artificial sweeteners convey the message that you can eat sweet things with no consequence. In cases where the alternatives are “artificial” – this is simply not the case.

Contrary to the belief that “diet” soda will help you lose weight, studies have actually found that people who drink diet soda have a significantly increased risk for weight gain and a bigger waist than those who don’t.

Sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose actually stimulate your appetite and cause carbohydrate cravings (see above).  So any calories you avoided by using artificial sweeteners usually end up on your plate anyway.

Peanut Butter

foods, metabolism, weight

Nobody likes to hear this one. Peanut butter is delicious (and more affordable than other nut butters), but it is not worth the cost to your health.

Peanuts are often contaminated with a fungus called aflatoxins which grow because of the moist environment peanuts are grown and stored in. Aflatoxins have been linked to leaky gut syndrome and other health issues that slow metabolism and may lead to weight gain.

Peanuts are also high in omega-6 fatty acids which cause inflammation when eaten in excess.

Are any of these hidden foods ruining your weight loss efforts? If you’ve been working hard to lose weight but are not seeing good results, they may be the culprits.

Luckily there are great alternatives to all these foods. So turn out your cupboards and make the changes! We are here to help.


Drew Canole

Drew Canole

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