5 Tips to Combat Heart Disease and Stroke

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5 Tips to Combat Heart Disease and Stroke

Written by: Toni Cummings

Heart Disease. The first time I ever heard that term was in 1979. I was 16 when my dad passed away from undiagnosed arteriosclerosis. Blocked arteries – what was that and how did it happen? Cholesterol testing was not the norm back then, nor were we told that high blood pressure and stroke were all related. Often the first sign that you had any blockage was a massive episode and/or death.

In the last thirty years, things have changed so much. I know of very few people that are unaware of cholesterol these days and very few that haven’t been tested to know what their numbers are. Sadly, there are still so many people with heart disease and it continues to be a growing concern, even with today’s youth.

We are in need of better testing and doctors that take the time to listen and educate patients as to the necessary dietary and lifestyle upgrades to implement for optimal heart health. Now approaching the same age my dad was when he passed away, I have taken a proactive approach as to what steps to take in order to change my own destiny, without prescription drugs. My hope is that this information can help you too!

heart disease, stroke, cholesterol1. Juicing

Juicing can help improve cholesterol and blood pressure and a myriad of other things. It also helps to provide your body with the micronutrients you may not be getting in your regular diet. Try to stick to a 4:1 or 3:1 ratio (veggies to fruit) and opt for low glycemic varieties, like green apples, leafy greens, lemons and limes.

2. Move Your Body

Exercise has become a dirty word to a lot of people so instead, let’s call it MOVEMENT.

Find something that you LOVE to do and do it often. Whether that’s playing with your kids, golfing with your spouse, power walking with friends, yoga or hitting the gym, aim to MOVE YOUR BODY for thirty minutes to an hour each day.

heart disease, stroke, cholesterol3. Food

I get it, cooking from scratch can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming. But here’s the deal, If it was created in some sort of a manufacturing facility, it’s not exactly REAL food. Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds take ZERO time to prepare and provide an abundance of nutrients.

For quick meals, invest in a slow cooker and throw everything in. It’s not only easy, but will likely provide you with meals for 2-3 days or more, depending on the size of your family. Stir-frying veggies and a quality protein source, like seafood, beef or chicken, is also quick. By chopping your veggies ahead of time and storing them in the fridge, you alleviate that extra step when it’s go time. Freeze any leftovers for later use.

4. Supplements

There are supplements that can be taken that are all natural, however, checking with a healthcare professional, such as a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine Doctor are your best place to start.

5. Further Testing

If you are going to get blood tests done, be sure to ask for a C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test. This test can check to see if there is cardio vascular inflammation around your heart, or if there could be plaque buildup in your arteries. The NMR LipoProfile is a cholesterol particle size test and will show you exactly where your LDL cholesterol really is.

By deciding to change your lifestyle, for yourself and your family, you are that much closer to living the full, vibrant and healthy life that you desire and deserve.

Toni Cummings

Toni Cummings

wife, mother, nana, avid NHRA Drag Racing Fan (Go Robert Hight) and an AADP Board Certified Health Coach. at Toni Cummings Health Coach
Toni Cummings is a wife, mother, nana, avid NHRA Drag Racing Fan (Go Robert Hight) and an AADP Board Certified Health Coach.

Toni is fascinated by food - the energy that food has and the good as well as the bad that it can bring to our bodies. Through her own search to find the best foods to balance her body and hormones, she found her true calling and sharing the knowledge she’s gained has become her passion.
Toni Cummings


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