5 Tips To Becoming The Soulmate You Desire


By Penny Rosina

Plato said when soulmates meet, they are so lost in the amazement of love, friendship and intimacy they cannot bear to be out of each other’s sight, even for a moment.

Everyone wants that kind of love and relationship in their lives, but not everyone knows how to obtain it.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you become the soulmate you are seeking.

1. Learn to love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to fall in love with you either.  When you continuously judge and criticize yourself, you are send out negative energy, which will repel any potential mate. Loving yourself sends out positive energy, attracting people to you. Take a few minutes and write down what you love about yourself. Put this list in a place where you can see it every day.  When you see it, it will automatically generate good feelings and send out those positive vibes!

2. Know and trust that what you desire is really possible. You must believe finding your soulmate is absolutely possible.  Recognizing your desires will bring those desires to the forefront, calling forth someone who will mirror those same desires; your soulmate! Visualization is also key here.  Spend some time visualizing what you want in your soul mate relationship, from what they do for a career to what color hair or eyes they may have. Trust that what you want is really out there waiting for you.

3. Say prayers of gratitude and meditate. Talk to your soulmate; you are already connected… even if you haven’t met. Prayers and meditation will open the way for your soulmate to come to you, sending out a strong and clear signal to the Universe that you are ready for love. Send out prayers of gratitude in advance for finding your soulmate. Gratitude brings many gifts to you when you open up your heart to the world.

4. Begin to live your passion. So many people today have no idea what their passion is or how to find it. Without passion, your life is boring and uninspired.  No one wants to be with a person who is dull and seemingly lifeless. You certainly wouldn’t want someone like that for a partner in any type of relationship, much less a love relationship. If you have not yet realized your passion, take some time and figure it out and then submerse yourself in it. Be active in doing what you love most. Again, this sends out positive energy from your soul. The law of energy says that like energy will attract like energy, meaning you will attract people who are passionate about the same things you are. Chances are, your soulmate’s passions will be much the same as yours!

5. Raise your vibration. The last powerful step in attracting your soulmate is to raise your vibration. The key to finding true love is to keep that vibration high. We operate on a frequency and when our vibration raises, we are attuned to the spiritual realm. We can more clearly hear, see and feel angels and celestial beings who will whisper instructions in your ear or your heart to unite you with your soulmate. Please listen to these instructions as they will come more frequently as you live a more spiritual life. When you live like this, you are a magnet for love because you radiate peace, love and joy. You can raise your vibration easily by doing things such as spending time in nature, daily prayer, meditation, listening to music, serving others and living in a state of gratitude.

Following these 5 tips will certainly give your life a more positive outlook, eventually calling forth your soulmate. Be patient and know the person you are seeking is definitely out there waiting for you.

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Penny Rosina

Penny Rosina

Transformation Coach at A Taste of Sparkle
Penny Rosina is a Certified Fitlife.tv Transformation Coach, as well as a published author, photographer, Reiki Master and former healthcare systems consultant.Compassionate to the core, she has been exactly where you are and now dedicates her time and energy to finding the right plan to help you on your journey to a healthy and fit life.

Penny prides herself on being attentive to her clients' needs, while helping them to develop the necessary nutrition and mindset changes required to take them to a healthier lifestyle.
Penny Rosina


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