5 Surprising Ways To Recover From Digestive Distress



Written by: Jenna Barrington

Even if you are trying to eat healthy, sometimes life gets the better of you and you end up with the unpleasant symptoms of a distressed digestive system.

Have you ever experienced:

  • Diarrhea?
  • That “burning” on your bum from acidic waste?
  • Smelly gas?
  • Abdominal pain?
  • Bloating?
  • Food-triggered headaches?
  • Fatigue?
  • Heartburn?


If you said “yes” to any of the above, you’re not alone! A lot of people these days are struggling with various digestive problems. In fact, according to the American Nutrition Association, over 70 million people suffer from some sort of digestive issue every day in America!

It can be the result of poor food choices, stress, anxiety, allergies, disorders like Celiac disease or SIBO, bacteria imbalance in the gut, food poisoning, etc.

If you woke up with any of the above mentioned symptoms, do you think that there could be natural, simple steps that you could take to help your body recover quickly?

You should, because the answer is YES!

Try any or all of these natural healing foods in order to soothe your gut and make digestion pleasurable and easy-going again.

#1: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an inexpensive multitasker that I always keep in my kitchen. It is basically the fermented, vinegar version of apple juice. ACV has been used since Hippocrates to help soothe a variety of ailments, especially those surrounding digestion.

ACV has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in overall nutrients. It provides important enzymes that aid with digestion in those who may not be producing enough on their own and helps to breakdown food in the digestive tract. Studies also suggest that it may help to stop/slow down diarrhea.  

Take 1 tbsp of ACV diluted with water, mixed into tea or even sweetened with raw honey. You can take it anytime during the day to soothe your system, but it is most effective if taken 15 minutes before a meal.  

#2: Kombucha

Poor digestion is most often the sign of an imbalanced gut. Good bacteria (probiotics) help to rebalance the digestive system and keep you healthy.

Probiotics are key in:

  • Keeping harmful bacteria in check
  • Aiding digestion
  • Absorption of nutrients
  • Proper immune system function
  • Helping the body use certain vitamins


I love kombucha because it is a tasty, fermented drink that packs a powerful punch of probiotics, antioxidants and detoxifying properties. It can quickly replenish good bacteria in your gut and help soothe symptoms of digestive distress.

I would also recommend taking a high-quality probiotic supplement daily in order to support good digestion and overall health.  

#3: Coconut Oil

There are several ways that you can use this to help when your digestive system is out of whack. Coconut oil has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and is extremely soothing to the skin. It is a perfect way to ease the discomfort of a rash on your bum from acidic waste; simply apply the oil to the affected area generously and cover.

Coconut oil is also good to take internally as it will quickly boost energy, help to move food through the digestive tract, act as an antimicrobial to kill bacteria or fungi that may be causing indigestion and supply you with healing nutrients.

Simply throw a tablespoon into your favorite smoothie recipe, spread over some crackers or use when you cook.

#4: Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil can be a powerful tool in combating nausea and digestive distress. Fennel was used by the Egyptians as a healing tonic and emotional aid.

Because essential oils easily permeate the skin and enter the bloodstream and cells, you can receive all of the benefits of fennel simply by applying it to your skin. Dilute one or two drops with lotion or coconut oil and apply it to your abdominal area for comfort and relief.  

#5: Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts have been called an “overachiever” in the world of health and wellness. They are made of magnesium and sulfate, both of which are often found to be deficient in the human system.  

A warm bath with epsom salts can help you absorb these vital minerals that draw toxins out of the body, relax the muscles/nerves in your digestive system, improve your digestion, aid with nutrient absorption and relieve stress.


All of these remedies can be helpful on a daily basis in soothing the body’s various systems and preventing digestive distress. As they are all items that are easy to obtain/keep around the home, I’ve found they are my favorites when I’m faced with digestive issues.

Always turn to mother nature before pharmaceuticals. Although drugs may be necessary in extreme cases, you can find a lot of relief from remedies naturally provided or made from the Earth herself.  

Have any of these remedies helped you in the past? Do you know of something even better? Please share below!


Jenna Barrington
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Jenna Barrington

Jenna Barrington is studying Therapeutic Nutrition and Holistic Medicine and aspires to be a practitioner, teacher and writer. She is passionate about education and helping others take control of their health.

Jenna lives with her husband in Utah and loves writing, cooking, green smoothies, training her dog, Japanese, spending time at the ocean, bungee jumping, walking barefoot in the grass and being with her family.
Jenna Barrington
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