5 Reasons You Should Start Meditating

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By Rick Elmer

There are many forms of meditation. It is often seen as the simple act of sitting still while quietly focusing on your breathing or a mantra (certain phrase or word). There is no ‘correct’ way of practicing meditation though, as there are countless ways to accomplish it.  

People from all walks of life practice meditation as it can help you feel more grounded and allows for more patience to arise within yourself. The reasons that people meditate are just as varied as the endless ways there are to do it.  

In the West, most people tend to be drawn to meditation so that they can quiet their inner thoughts along with reducing their stress. Meditation has definitely been proven to reduce stress, but it also has many other hidden benefits for you to take advantage of!

Sonia Choquette, a meditation teacher that has had over 35 years of experience, has said that in order for you to meditate, you have to let your guard down, energy in and escape from the stressful self-defense mode that we tend to fall into.

“It’s pressing a pause button and giving yourself room to breath,” she continues “and when you have room to breathe, you access your greater potential and your greater state of being.”  

Here are some of the awesome health benefits you can receive from practicing meditation:

  • Stress Relief – With meditation, you can learn to master your fear by overriding the areas of your brain that activate the fear mechanism. When you are in fear, the stress hormone cortisol is released and can cause a list of health issues.  There has been a study that was able to show close to a 40% drop in anxiety from meditation.  

  • Improves Cognition – Research has found that the long-term practice of mindfulness meditation can promote the ability to sustain attention and executive functioning. The effects of short-term mindfulness meditation has not yet been fully studied, but are definitely in the works.

  • Relieve Headaches – Research has discovered that practicing meditation can relieve major tension headaches. I should mention though that the research was from a study that involved both medication and meditation.

  • Better Performance At Work – A study has shown that your on-the-job performance can benefit from meditation. In the study, office workers who practiced meditation were able to improve their memory and performance of tasks they were working on as well as their emotional state and awareness.

  • Battle Bad Eating Habits – Those who suffer from eating disorders can find help in the form of meditation. A study has shown that meditation can lead to cutting back on binge eating and also emotional eating. It is still important to consult your doctor for these ailments.

The practice of meditation is a great addition to anyone’s life. Here is a Crown Chakra Meditation for you to practice. One of the greatest achievements in one’s life is to know his/her true self and meditation is a great way to attain this.

“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.” – David Lynch

A difficulty that beginners face is silencing their mental chatter. In fact, that’s the biggest complaint amongst beginners.  It may be hard for one to sit still without letting the thoughts that come to their mind get them back up to take care of them. This leads many to believe that they can’t meditate, but that’s not true.

Modern society wants you to believe that if you are sitting still, you are getting nothing done and if you are getting nothing done then you have no value. This seems a bit harsh in my books as it is always good to slow down and breathe, if even for a minute, to help relieve the stress of everyday life.  

If you wish to start practicing meditation, it can be a great investment in yourself. If you can realize that meditation is a form of self-improvement, then you will come to know how truly powerful it can be.


Rick Elmer

Rick Elmer

Rick Elmer is a freelance writer from Texas who enjoys learning about health and nutrition while striving to make the world a better place. He is passionate about music, meditation, art, traveling the world and helping those around him.
Rick Elmer


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