5 Reasons To Begin Using Self Myofascial Release


By Kavata Kithome

Overall health is always the goal; each and every person that has crossed my path has a unique individualized understanding what that is. Aside from the obvious fitness and nutrition, there are other things you can do to achieve better health. In the past I have discussed self–care, reflexology for allergies, foam rolling and today, I will share my experience with self-myofascial release.

Let’s get a better understanding of what myofascial is: It is the connective tissue network that runs through your body and wraps around your internal organs and muscles, holding them in place. It is another system not unlike the nervous system: it distributes strains evenly to prevent injury. If one part of this network is damaged or broken, it is then distributed across the web differently to account for the weakened section.

I learned about self-myofascial release during the times I was running and doing bootcamp. My body hurt so much that doing normal movement would be difficult. I learned that I could take advantage of this self-care technique way before I even knew its name.

Self-myofascial release offers so many benefits; I personally self massage for 10-15 minutes once a day and when I am doing intense workouts like insanity or running, then I do it post-workout as well.

Here are 5 main benefits of self-myofascial release:

1. Encourages Movements Of Your Lymph

Your lymph is a major component of your immune systems that helps to fight infections in the body. Your lymph system relies on movement and self myofascial release can encourage this movement.

2. Reduces Muscles Soreness

Sore muscles are a nuisance and to alleviate this nuisance, you can use self-myofascial to increase circulation and help lessen the experience of sore muscles.

3. Improves Muscular Range Of Motion

By breaking up the adhesions in the fascia, your muscles and connective tissue can move freely and you avoid muscle restrictions when you exercise.

4. Increase Blood Flow

Studies have shown that self-myofascial release can increase vascular function. This is done by getting rid of knots and tension in the fascia that may be restricting fluid flow in the affected area. This technique helps the muscles and connective tissues stay well hydrated, which helps you recover and heal faster. This is especially great for people who work out frequently.

5. Maintains Normal Functional Muscular Length

A lot of us experience muscle tension from sitting too long, not moving, etc. Self myofascial release relieves tension in the myofascial network and allows the muscles to return to normal lengths and improve muscle function.

In a nutshell, you will recover faster, move and perform better and what’s more, you will have less pain, which gives you more room to be your awesome, amazing self.

For those suffering from lymphedema, this method can be especially great in therapy and aiding in the recovery process.

One of the best self-myofascial release tools in the market is an Addaday, as it incorporates multiple “gears” that massage like fingers and elbows. This allows you to get into the tight areas of your muscles.

The Addady is superior because:

  • Of the gaps between each gear to ensure that you are not applying constant pressure, which allows for optimal blood flow around your muscles.
  • Has uniquely textured surfaces of the gears to provide better grip on the skin, providing a faster, more efficient release of muscle tension.
  • You can work on smaller areas such as the achilles, shin splints and soleus because of the precision gear.

Have you ever tried self-myofascial release? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Kavata Kithome

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Kavata Kithome is an advocate for living your best life, full of health and longevity. While working closely with gym owners and personal trainers, she was able to sculpt a well-rounded view of fitness and understands how to incorporate it with a healthy balanced diet. She is a regular contributor to the One More Step Lifestyle brand.
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