5 Reasons Skipping Meals Might Be Making You Fat (#2 may surprise you!)


By Samantha Eaton

Most people want to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. Often times this means being at a healthy weight, having clear and smooth skin and a nice flat stomach – free of gas and bloating. People approach this goal in many ways, some more extreme than others. Skipping meals has often come up as a way to drop weight, but is it effective? Or just making things worse?

Before you battle through mealtime hunger pangs, check out the top 5 reasons skipping meals might be making you fat… and what else this habit may be doing to your body.

1. Hormone Imbalance

When you skip a meal, it increases stress on your body. When this happens, the stress hormone – cortisol – increases to counter this threat, which can lead to weight gain and inflammation. Your insulin levels also increase and decrease quickly, resulting in an unstable blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes, brain fog and an impaired mental state.

belly-fat-and-antibiotics-how-to-lose-belly-fat2. Promotion of Fat Storage

When you miss a meal, your body jumps into starvation mode. It’s telling you that you need fuel and when that fuel (food) doesn’t come, it confuses the body. When you do finally eat again, it reaches for – and holds on to – any foods it can to store as fat in case it becomes deprived again, rather than burning the fat to use for energy.

3. Slows Metabolism

It sounds logical that if you eat less often, you will lose weight. But that’s not how our body’s metabolism works. When your body isn’t getting calories throughout the day, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy. Eating regular meals throughout the day will help you boost the metabolism and actually burn more calories (and bonus… digesting food is a good calorie burner!).

4. Poor Choices

By getting to the point of extreme hunger, you’re more likely to grab for whatever is readily available – like junk and processed foods – rather than spending the time to cook a nutritious meal. A study conducted by scientists at Imperial College London found when people skipped breakfast they were much more tempted by high-calorie foods than when they did not skip breakfast. When you skip meals, your gut releases hormones that act on the orbital frontal cortex, steering your thoughts towards sugary and fatty treats.


5. Overeating

Skipping meals allows you to reach a hunger level where you consume more food at a sitting than you need because your brain doesn’t give you the signal to stop when you’re actually full. This is the same idea for putting too much time between any of your meals. In order to avoid this, eat regularly spaced meals and be sure to have healthy snacks around in case you run into sudden hunger pang and need something, fast.

If you’re looking to lose the weight for good this time and ditch the meal-skipping and fad diets, check out my 15-Day Clean Eating Cleanse. It’s a safe and effective way to get on track to reach your health and weight loss goals. There are no pills or powders, no calorie counting and no deprivation. It’s all done through eating real, clean foods! You’ll get over 70 deliciously detoxifying recipes, a meal plan and daily accountability check-in emails. Visit www.EatonClean.com to learn more.

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Samantha Eaton

Samantha Eaton

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Healthy Eaton
Samantha Eaton is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specializing in weight loss, clean eating transformations and overcoming digestive troubles. She works with clients to start looking and feeling better from the inside out, through healthy habits that fit their lifestyle.

Samantha has created a seasonal series of Clean Eating Cleanses designed to naturally detoxify the body through real, clean foods. She’s helped many clients uncover hidden food sensitivities this way, as well as overcome health concerns like gas/bloating, headaches and lack of energy.
Samantha Eaton


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