5 Essential Oils For Increased Libido


drewssexybody (3)Written by: Janelle Casella

Essential oils seem to be all the rage these days, like a newfound discovery. But did you know that essential oils have been used for centuries? Your ancestors have used essential oils for just about every application imaginable; from boosting immunity to soothing burns to disinfecting wounds to reducing fevers.

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant and extremely potent. Essential oils can be up to 70 times more powerful than herbs! The oils are highly concentrated and one drop per application is usually enough to make a big difference.

Being that February is the month of love, you’ll be interested to know that essential oils can also help stir up romance in the bedroom.

Here are the top 5 essential oils to spice up your love life.

patchouli-oil1. Patchouli

Woodsy and warming, patchouli calms anxiety with its sweet musky-scent. Regularly used in the perfume industry, patchouli has a grounding and balancing effect on emotions, while also increasing libido. Diffuse in the air or use a drop on your pulse points to get you and your lover in the mood.

2. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is considered an aphrodisiac and has been used for centuries in both religious and wedding ceremonies. Due to its strong scent, only a minute amount is needed for diffusing or topical application. Ylang Ylang has a grounding effect, while also heightening mood. Soaking in an epsom salt bath with Ylang Ylang creates the  perfect cupid atmosphere.

3. Jasmine

Alluring and romantic, Jasmine has been used for centuries to boost self-confidence and balance feminine energy. Sourced from the flowers of the jasmine plant, its scent has been known to reduce stress, increase libido and sharpen performance. Use less than one drop on your wrists or back of neck.

Cedar-Wood-Essential-Oil4. Cedarwood

Cedarwood essential oil provides a myriad of health benefits that have been used throughout history for centuries. Best known for its woodsy and warm scent, cedarwood boosts feelings of wellness and vitality. Massage your love with cedarwood in a carrier oil (such as mixed with a little coconut oil) to help relax body and mind.

5. Rose

Like roses themselves, Rose essential oil is intoxicating and romantic. With its ethereal floral scent, rose essential oil is exquisite and delicate. Massage on your feet and wrists, or add to a bath. If you are looking to increase feelings of love, devotion and desire, Rose essential oil is for you!

A note of caution: not all essential oil brands are the same. Many use synthetic fillers and perfumes, which negate the therapeutic benefits of the oils. Do your research and choose a brand that is 100% pure.

February is the month for love and essential oils are a great way to add a new level of spice to your usual routine!

Do you use oils? Comment below if so and let me know which ones are your favorite and what you use them for.

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Janelle Casella

Janelle Casella

Board Certified Health Coach (AADP), Wellness Expert and Entrepreneur at Perfectly Nourished
Janelle Casella is a Board Certified Health Coach (AADP), wellness expert and entrepreneur who shows busy women how to make small shifts in food choices, to yield healthful results. She is the creator of Perfectly Nourished where she runs online health and nutrition programs and also sees private clients. Janelle is a Nutrition Instructor at the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts (NHITA). Her specialties include guiding busy women on managing autoimmune symptoms with proper food, lifestyle choices and essential oils. More free recipes can be found on her blog.
Janelle Casella

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