4 Tips To Get Started With Cleansing


drewssexybody (3)Along with all of this merriment and joy of the holiday season, likely came the traditional (not-so-healthy) foods, gourmet delights, wine and cheeses, holiday cocktails, decadent sweets and treats. Not to mention the lack of sleep, late nights, parties and celebrations.

Good news! It’s a New Year and even though you may be feeling a little run down, sluggish, foggy and lethargic, there are some simple tricks you can follow to put that pep back in your step in no time!

Say goodbye to those restless nights, low energy and sugary, salty, fatty food cravings…

What you need right now is a reset!

Your body needs a little tender loving care. A time out. A rest from all of the indulgences. It’s time to re-charge and I’m going to show you how to get started.

A cleanse or detox is a perfect way to reboot and it doesn’t have to be complicated. This is a period of time when you make the conscience decision to eliminate certain foods that are not necessarily serving you, in order to give your beautiful body the best chance to release toxins, repair and restore your optimum health. This is your time to minimize the workload of your almighty digestive organs, while supplying your body with enough energy to carry out its everyday activities with ease and satisfaction. 

So let’s get started!

Here are four things to consider before jumping in to a cleanse or a detox:

thinking-person-293x30011. Intention. What is the goal or outcome you want to achieve? Do you want to lose a few pounds, or do you want to significantly change the way you feel and think about your body and food? How extreme do you want to go? Is this mostly a physical process for you, or do you have some emotional detoxing to do as well? Why do you want these things? Be specific. Get honest with yourself and the process. This is the time to let it all go.

2. Timing. Timing is very important when considering a cleanse. Is there a window of time coming up where your commitments and responsibilities are fairly light? Can you carve out three days, ten days, 30 days? Or maybe it’s just a one day fast, depending on the level of restoration you want to accomplish. Schedule this in your calendar like you would any other appointment and stick to it!

iStock_000019163952Large-600x4003. Supplies. A cleanse will likely require supplies, such as a juicer, blender and vegetable steamer. And of course some fruits and veggies. Making sure you have everything on hand before you begin will help make sure your cleanse is a success. If you don’t have a juicer or blender, find a local organic market that provides these (fresh, not previously bottled), such as Whole Foods. Commit to picking up your juice daily during the duration of your cleanse. You may find that the money you’d be spending buying your juice may be better spent towards investing in an at-home machine. Consider the pros of this and if you can swing it, I encourage you to take the plunge. This will allow for ease in future cleansing, as well as serve as a staple to use regularly from there on out.

4. Support. Since there are so many different cleansing options out there, you’ll need to decide if some support and guidance is required. You can simply find a protocol online and follow it by yourself, or you can join a guided group program. Is this is a solo mission or is a guided cleanse more your style? Don’t be afraid to ask for the support you need and get some friends on board with you! Everything is more fun with a buddy anyway and this is a great way to encourage one another to get healthy and have some accountability as you go through the process.

woman-detoxingTaking some time upfront to consider all the options and plan your cleanse or detox makes a huge difference in your outcome. Whatever path you choose, taking a break from the daily toll you put on your body and all of the environmental toxins you ingest and absorb daily, is a great way to support and love yourself, from the inside out. Detoxing and cleansing allows you to slow down and take stock of how you are treating your body, while creating more mindfulness in your day-to-day activities. And just think, in a few short days, you have the ability to reclaim your vitality and feel the best you’ve felt in years.


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Michelle Maclean

Michelle Maclean

Wellness Coach and Nutrition Consultant at The Sugar Shift
Michelle MacLean is a Wellness Coach and Nutrition Consultant who works primarily with women who are struggling with the negative effects of sugar. She helps her clients reclaim their inner sweetness and let go of refined sugar for good in her 8-week Sugar Shift Intensive. She also offers individual coaching. Michelle doesn’t focus on diets, but instead helps create a total transformation, focusing on the relationship with food and self-love.

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Michelle Maclean

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