4 Tips for Setting a Resolution That Will Stick


drewssexybody (3)The new year is a great time for people to feel reinvigorated to start fresh. Looking at the year ahead can feel like a clean, white canvas, almost like anything is possible. It’s exciting to think about all the great ways you are going to better yourself – maybe it’s to lose weight, or finally get around to that project you’ve been putting off. However, the reality is that the number of people who set resolutions compared to those who actually accomplish them is quite disparate.

So how DO you set a New Year’s resolution that will stick? Here are 4 great tips to get you started.

8-buoc-den-hanh-phuc-11. What is it that you really want? Be clear here. Many people get stuck at what I call ‘in-betweener’ goals. Things like ‘losing weight’, or ‘make more money’ fit into this category.  These are not things that, in and of themselves, are meaningful. This is not to say that they are pointless, they are just not your ultimate goal.

If you have trouble discerning what this ‘ultimate goal’ is, ask yourself: ‘what would having (x) do for me?’ For instance, money is just paper. Nobody wants money. What you really want is what money can buy you, so jump right past the money and dig into what it is that you would want to do with the money. After all, you may find that the resources to fulfill your ultimate goal come in a different package than you expect!

2. Why do you want it? It is very difficult to take sustained action on a goal that is outside of your established routine, if you don’t know why it is important to you to accomplish it.

It is especially beneficial to really walk through the story of how your life would change if you reached your goal. For instance, if you finally lost the weight, what changes would you notice in your life? Would you be able to play easier with your kids? Have more sustained energy to do the things that you really want more of in your life, like reading, yoga or intimate time with your sweetie? Would your clothes fit better, or would you simply feel better in your skin?

4ff6ef29bd2732ddc2d27590bdc6a9643. Who else would benefit from you reaching your goal? Many people are much more compelled to do something for their kids or other loved ones, than for themselves. If you find yourself feeling guilty for taking the time to care for yourself and pursue your goals, then seeing how your success can benefit those around you helps you prioritize these tasks, without the guilt. Being happier and healthier is ALWAYS an asset in relationships, both personally and professionally.

4. How will it make you feel when you reach your goal? This is a very important step to the resolution setting process that often gets pushed to the side. Why does it matter? Because sometimes when we ‘achieve’ our goal, it becomes a moving target and we realize we are not as satisfied as we imagined we would.

Choosing an emotion or feeling to incorporate into your resolution results in much more flexibility to make different choices when the situation calls for it, rather than setting strict guidelines that may feel restrictive. If you choose a feeling like ‘expansion’, ‘self-love’ or ‘ease’, this becomes your guide as you move throughout your day – informing your decisions to be focused and intentional on what you REALLY want in your life. This may seem obvious, but most people make many micro-decisions in their days and do not even realize that they are trading their priorities in exchange for these other good (but not great) causes.  

MP900441048Also, when you start to do things to make you feel the way you want NOW, you are much more likely to make the decisions you want to be making but with more ease. For example, if you want to lose weight because you think you will feel more sexy and attractive, then it can help to focus your attention less on losing weight and more on feeling sexy. When you start to feel the way you want, you will make choices that support that feeling – including food and exercise – but with the added benefit of self-love, which doesn’t come from dieting alone.

Resolutions get a bad rap, but they really are a great opportunity to slow down, refocus and imagine the amazing things you would like to accomplish. Leave the guilt, shame and other peoples’ expectations behind and start to create the life you crave!

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Lindsay Robin

Lindsay Robin

Holistic Wellness and Empowerment Coach at Lindsay Robin
As a Holistic Wellness and Empowerment Coach, Lindsay Robin empowers mamas to ditch the guilt so that they can create the life they crave AND be amazing mamas! Her own personal journey and training began with food, which led her to become a certified health coach to learn the skills for managing her daughter’s behavioral challenges. This continues to expand and grow as she uses transformational coaching techniques to guide women to their true desires and better communication with their intuition.

Lindsay loves adventure and learning new things and is passionate about travelling, making and eating healthy meals, playing with her kiddos, Scottish dancing and listening to Ted talks.She lives in Minneapolis, MN.
Lindsay Robin


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