4 Steps To Receive More Love In Your Life


By Joe Metcalfe

Love is giving. Love is also receiving. But for the purpose of this piece, we’re going to focus on love as receiving. Sound good to you?

Sometimes we forget about receiving and we get caught up in giving all the time.  From my own experience, I’ve put an emphasis on doing so over the last five years.  

I’ve been involved in charities, I’ve helped the homeless and I’ve sought out ways to give to people. While this is rewarding, I’ve noticed that I’ve neglected to put much focus on receiving, which is just as important.

Learning To Receive Again

During a walk recently, I noticed a mother and her son sitting in their sailboat, docked at a marina in Miami. Randomly, I approached their boat and we started a conversation. We connected about reading, art and creativity. After the conversation, I asked to join them for a day on the water. They looked at each other with a glimmer of surprise and then happily said yes. A week later, we spent the daily sailing together, which was a great time and I made two new friends who were very happy to give me a new sailing experience, which I enjoyed tremendously.

Since my first experiment went so well, I decided to put this “receiving thing” to the test again.

I was half way through my workout on Sunday at a park. I was extremely tired and hungry and still had to run back home. I decided to approach a family gathered for a picnic and I asked them for a snack to fuel my run home. They smiled and gladly offered me some of their food. We talked for a little while, just enjoying the moment. And then I was on my way, energized and ready for my run home.

This receiving thing was easier than I thought! So I dug a little deeper and got personal with it…

I realized that receiving could be achieved in my life with my family so I decided to commit to calling my Mom and sister more often. By doing this, I would be opening myself up to receiving more love from them, which always feels great. I know their love for me is very strong, as is mine for them. And it’s wonderful to receive that love every time we speak, especially during times where overall, love may seem distant in my life. Sometimes we just need to hear from someone who loves us and this helps open us up to receiving more love in our lives, in all areas.

Maybe my approach in the first two scenarios was bold and maybe you’re thinking, “calling your family doesn’t really count.” But what I am trying to get across here is that there are different ways to receive love and it’s up to you to find the way that works best for you.

The examples I gave may not be the same ones that you’d opt for, but for me, they provided powerful realizations.

People are inherently good… they want to give… they want to help. I encourage you to allow yourself to receive more. More love. More gifts. More blessings. More of everything available to you. Receiving, after all, is part of loving – loving others and loving yourself.

Here are 4 steps you can take right now to express love through giving and receiving:

1. Random Acts Of Kindness: Set a weekly goal to do 3 random acts of kindness. Examples could be paying for someones drink at the coffee shop, giving a genuine compliment to a stranger, or helping carry someones groceries.  

2. Ask For What You Want/Need: Set a weekly goal to ask for 3 things and receive each one with gratitude and appreciation.  They could be small things, but remember the goal is to practice asking, and receiving.

3. Call/Meet with a Loved One: Sometimes we just need to talk to the people that really love us for a few minutes.  It could be family, a true friend, anyone that sincerely loves and respects us.  We all need that feeling of being love, so it’s important to seek it from the people in our lives when the moment calls for it.

4. Reflect and Share: Reflect on how you feel by taking 5-10 minutes to write down your thoughts on paper. What emotions arose when you helped someone? What were the nerves you had like while asking for something? Then share it with a loved one. Encourage them to try the same exercise. When you share and give, you receive just as much as the person you are giving too, maybe even more. 🙂

These are great exercises to incorporate giving as a part of your life and to also build the confidence of your “ask muscle”, helping it to feel more comfortable receiving.  

When you give, give selflessly. There’s no reason to expect anything in return.

When you receive, receive openly. You don’t have to feel obligated to return the favor.  

Love is not an exchange. Love is not a scoreboard of giving points versus receiving points. Love is giving with all your heart in the moment. Love is receiving with all of your heart in the moment.

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Joe Metcalfe

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Joe Metcalfe met Drew Canole five years ago, at which time, Drew introduced Joe to juicing vegetables and has continued to be a big influence in Joe’s life to this day.

Joe leads an active lifestyle, with a passion for working out, running and yoga. He is an avid reader and has been studying self improvement, mind/body/spiritual development and inspiration for over ten years. Joe loves to write, enjoys helping others and finds joy in making an impact in peoples lives through his insights and writing.
Joe Metcalfe
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