4 Steps to Maintain a Positive Attitude and Live Your Best Life

drewssexybody (3)Written by: Darlene Mars

Don’t hate the optimists… I really think they get a bad rap. You know the people that call you sounding cheery first thing in the morning, while you’re wondering why you got out of bed in the first place? If you’re being completely honest, chances are you secretly wished you were a little like them too.

Here are some tips to learn how to create and maintain a positive attitude in life… yes, even first thing in the morning…

But first, and most importantly, remember the events in your life do not create your attitude. An event is an event; it is completely impartial. Your interpretation of the event is what changes your biology (yes, really!) and your attitude about life is what creates your future.

What is great about this is that while you can’t possibly control everything and everyone around you (and let’s face it, that wouldn’t be much fun anyway), you can create awareness as to your thoughts about a given situation and choose to see the positive, rather than focusing on the negative.

So how is it actually done? A little mental rewiring is all you need to put healthy habits into perpetual motion. Here are a few tips on how:

happy-people-lifehack1. Surround yourself with people you admire and aspire to emulate. You begin to pull in the qualities of the people you spend the most time with so choose your friends wisely.

2. Celebrate the success of your friends as if it is your own. You know that job promotion, new partnership, or great day your friend was telling you about – be happy for them and mean it! Happiness begets more happiness so find reasons to encourage more smiles and life will send more happy vibes your way.

3. Start to see everything for what it is… an opportunity. Gandhi said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Shortcomings and fallibility are a great teacher. There would be no success stories in life if there were no disappointments. Setbacks make us try harder and dig deeper to rise up again, even better. Learning to build strengths through hardships is pivotal to building healthy self-esteem and worthiness. Plus gaining new experiences – regardless of whether you see it as good or bad – is one of the best ways to grow and really get to know yourself.

1852922072_6019324_xlarge4. Celebrate your breakthroughs. Don’t just celebrate your birthday, celebrate all of your milestones. Whether it is a day at the spa, a much needed vacation or a dinner in your honor – take a moment to recognize your accomplishments. Recognize yourself for your empowered choices and changes. They take courage, even the small ones, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Contrary to most of our Facebook personas, you are entitled to feel the gamut of human emotion. Not every moment is going to feel good, but each moment is important. Give yourself the space to feel blue when you need to. Sometimes this is just your way of reconciling particular life experiences, which are equally as important as the highs you will continue to experience throughout your beautiful life; these emotions are normal and necessary.

Remember, you are human – sensitive, caring, emotional, aware and influenced by people and events around you. You are also amazing, compassionate, powerful, dynamic and capable of creating what you truly want in life. Know it and go for it! Throw doubt aside and show yourself what you’re made of!


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Darlene Mars
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Darlene Mars

Writer and Health Advocate at Harmony House Yoga
Writer and health advocate for over 20 years, Darlene Mars opened Harmony House Yoga in Cooper City, FL in 2001. She is recognized as a yoga teacher and as a bodyworker as well as a host for regular interactive lectures on holistic wellness. She is a personal life coach and mentor as she motivates others toward living their most awakened life.

Trained in raw food prep, Darlene enjoys creating and sharing healthy food, is an avid runner, reader, philosopher, tree hugger and zesty lifer. She resides in Davie, Florida.
Darlene Mars
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