4 Helpful Ways To Shift Your Frequency – Mindset Monday

4 Helpful Ways To Shift Your Frequency – Mindset Monday

Today on this Mindset Monday I’m going to show you 4 ways to shift your frequency.

Why are we talking about frequency? As energetic beings, we ARE frequency.  Whatever frequency we are putting out into the world is the same frequency we are attracting back into our life.

It is absolutely one of the most fundamental and powerful forces in the universe.

Step #1: Get Honest

“Honest hearts produce honest actions.” -Unknown

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What are you telling yourself in your mind that comes from fear based thoughts? To truly improve our frequency, we have to let go of fear. How do we do that? When you take something away you replace it with something better.

Replace fear with love. Sit still in any given moment and ask yourself: what am I letting run my life? Is it fear? Or is it love?

I believe the greatest amount of wealth is not in a bank, but in the graveyard. Most people go to their graves with an idea or a light dying inside of them, one they never brought forth.

There are literally millions of ideas that are now laying in the ground because the people they belonged to lived their whole lives without ever being true to their purpose. Why? FEAR!

Are you going to let that happen to you? Or are you going to wake up in this moment and realize that you get to stop letting fear dictate your life? I can guarantee that the most successful people you know – not just with money, but with relationships, happiness and life in general – are operating from a place of love.

Step #2: Cultivate Radical Awareness Around Your Frequency

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” -Abraham Maslow

frequency, vibration, mindset

Do you understand what vibe you are putting out into the world? Or are you clueless?

One of the fastest ways I’ve learned to shift my frequency is understanding the role of my vision in my life. Your vision has to be so strong that it can shift you out of melancholy and mediocrity as soon as you bring it to mind.

When you have a vision that is powerful enough to do that, then no matter what you are experiencing in a given moment, it will remind you that you are bigger than this tiny moment in time. It will give you strength to step up and out of your funk.

Step #3: THANK YOU

“‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say.” -Alice Walker

frequency, vibration, mindset

The most powerful two words ever spoken to shift your frequency and bring you into alignment with the universe are these: thank you.

Thank you for my eyes that I’m using to read these words.
Thank you for a sharp mind that can learn and understand.
Thank you for my hands with which I get to grasp life with.
Thank you for my breath entering my lungs every moment without effort.
Thank you for the energy in my body that enables me to go out and make a difference.

Just keep going until your whole body is on fire and your spirit is restored.

Step #4: Give

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

frequency, vibration, mindset

When in doubt, focus out! Give your time, energy, love and attention to someone who is in need. Giving will shift your frequency from an inward downward spiral to an outward connected rise!

You want to change your energy? Open the door for someone. Hug someone. Reach out to somebody that you haven’t talk to in a while. Those things will all change your frequency, change your energy, change your habits, change your destiny, change your life.

Give love. To others AND to YOURSELF. When you give love to yourself it can transform who you are from the inside out.

Rumi said, “You start to walk the way and the way appears.”

So when you are worrying about tomorrow, living paycheck to paycheck or just stuck in a rut, start using these steps to make your way towards love and it will alter your frequency and transform your life.

If you remember these four things they will forever alter your life! I know because they are what have changed mine.

Remember, we’re in this together.


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