3 Probable Reasons Why Your Weight Loss With Juicing Is Slow

drewssexybody (3)Written by Amanda Ennett

One of the most frustrating things in life is doing everything that you think you should be doing, but not getting the results that you hoped for. People find this especially true when it comes to weight loss. They exercise, they eat healthy, they restrict calories, they follow programs, and they listen to advice given. It becomes a battle and a struggle in the form of opinions, trial and error. Furthermore, people long for a quick fix. From left and right they try fad diets that guarantee results, but often fall short. That begs the question: Is juicing a fad diet? Will juicing help me lose weight?

Absolutely; we have plenty of articles for you to read through on why juicing is so good and so important for your health. However, in the case that you have fallen short in the Pounds-Lost Department, here are three reasons why you may not be losing with your new juicy lifestyle.

You’ve got junk in the trunk.

Obese man eats fast food

Okay, maybe not your trunk, but definitely in your gut. If you go from eating really poorly to juicing for weight loss you may have build-up that becomes, simply, stuck. The fix is to have more fiber daily. Perhaps before you dive into juice world, you should try your hand at eating whole fruits and vegetables or blending them. Fiber will push the gunk out of your system. Fiber also is a nutrient that keeps you full and regulates blood sugar- awesome.

You are on sugar overload.

It is all too often true: you are juicing too many fruits. It is natural for beginners to juice many fruits to make up for the weird taste of juicing vegetables. Trust me though, the more vegetables that you become accustomed to eating and juicing, the less weird they will taste, the less fruit you will use. Less fruit = less sugar = more success with weight loss.

You came off of a juice fast and you binged.

…on everything.

Another common problem people encounter is their desire to eat everything after a fast. This happens for two reasons:

  1. You simply miss food and want to indulge and satisfy your mental “health.”
  2. You restricted calories too much and your body literally thinks that it is starving and dying.


In the first case, try your hardest to have a little restraint. Work back towards food with smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables. Go light on proteins and carbs for a few days. Do not gorge, food is not going anywhere and your desires will settle down.

For the second case, it is important to juice like crazy even when you are fasting to prevent your body from going on the defense. Fasting is not meant for all people. Especially for those who go from eating 5000 calories of junk food to trying to drink 5000 calories of juice. That’s really near impossible. A fast can be seen as forced calorie restriction and the body doesn’t appreciate that.

For a lot of people, they do not necessarily need to fast at all. Simply overhaul your current diet to a healthier one and have a juice 1-2x a day. You will still reap the benefits and not have a serious backlash.

Make juicing part of your life style change and do not solely rely on it for weight loss. Chances are that you become better informed every day on what the right steps are – you just need to implement them and give change some time.

By Amanda Ennett

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I am a self-proclaimed health fanatic living by the mantra “let thy food be thy medicine.” Ask me about working out, being a foodie, or my kids and we’ll talk forever. Looking for like-minded people to share pictures of food with which we can discuss over fresh juice after yoga.

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