3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight – Saturday Strategy

Hey Fitlifers!

Welcome to another Saturday Strategy!

In this week’s episode, I’m going to talk to you about why you’re NOT losing weight. The answers may dig deeper than you think.

Make sure you keep reading so you can find out what you need to do to start losing weight TODAY! Also, make sure you check below to see if you won the juicer. We give away one juicer every week, and all you have to do is leave a comment below to put yourself in the running! How cool is that?

4 years ago, for the most part I ate according to the Standard American Diet (notice how the initials spell SAD? I wonder if there is a connection); lean protein, carbohydrates and fat. I was so focused on my macronutrients that I had no idea I was actually missing out on a NUTRITIONAL GOLDMINE; the micronutrients, which are also known as phytonutrients. You need, on average, 7-9 servings of vegetables everyday. I was a prime example of somebody that did not follow this.

Then a man presented me with my first green drink and everything changed.I felt this immediate juice buzz and from that point forward, juice became my life!

Now you can’t just dive in and make juice 100% of your diet. It’s very important that you give your body a smooth transition as you slowly introduce juicing into your system. Start with one juice everyday. Then drink 2 a day until your body gets acquainted to it. After that, try a juice cleanse that lasts for 3-5 days.

#1 You’re NOT juicing!

I know, I’m starting this list off with a pretty biased one. But that’s how much I believe in the power of juicing. Check out this testimonial from a good friend and fellow fitlifer…

When you juice, you ensure the optimized absorption of micronutrients, amino acids, enzymes and many other things that make your body thrive. I love to include lots of greens in my juices, especially cruciferous vegetables. All cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts are rich in phytonutrients and they fight against the effects of xenoestrogens, nasty little critters that make you put on fat in a hurry.

This is the reason why almost all juice recipes we recommend contain these cruciferous vegetables. Aside from fighting against xenoestrogens, they also promote hormonal balance and help in detoxifying the body, all of which lead to increased fat loss and vibrant life!

#2 You’re not getting quality sleep

With juicing, you start to sleep like a baby because you’re finally getting enough magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is a powerful mineral that gives you healthy energy throughout the day and helps you properly sleep at night. As you fall into that deep, restorative sleep, your body is finally able to recover and balance its hormones, like cortisol. If your cortisol levels are out of whack (much like mine were), you feel a lot more stress and actually subject yourself to fat gain.

Getting REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep helps your body on a cellular level by repairing the tissues, cells and organs.

Some ingredients in juices have high levels of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible in regulating sleep.

# 3 You’re having way too much sugar

This one is easy, but I’m amazed how many people need to be reminded of this on a daily basis. And yes, sometimes I am one of these people. That’s how powerful sugar addiction can be.

Your body has been trained to eat sugar for, in some cases, a very long time. It may provide some short-term enjoyment, but that feeling doesn’t last and it creates a cycle that is tough to break.

There are a lot of “quick-fix” options, but unfortunately, they don’t get to the root of the problem. You need to change your tastebuds so that you don’t crave sugar. I suggest starting with a juice fast.

Read here to know more about the sugar’s effects into your body and how juicing counters it.

Now, here is a juice recipe for helping you detox your body and start losing weight fast!

When it comes to changing your tastebuds, a juice fast is a great place to start. If you’re looking for a system that is tried-and-true, a system that been developed and perfected by the very people that bring you this content every week, check out the Juice with Drew System. In this system, you will start with a strategic juice fast. After you will be put on a nutrition plan that combines juicing with a steady diet of healthy, whole foods that will have you feeling full of life, without any need for sugary “pick-me-ups”.


The winner of this week’s juicer is:

If you want a chance of winning the juicer next week, like Gabrielle, make sure you leave a comment on the blog to register. We want to hear from you! Tell us how juicing has transformed you. Tell us how you want juicing to transform your life.

Remember, we’re in this together.


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Drew Canole

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As the founder and CEO of Fitlife.TV, he is committed to sharing educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity. He is also a best selling author and the founder of Organifi, an organic, incredibly delicious greens powder, chock-full of superfoods to make juicing easy no matter your busy schedule.


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Hey man. Here we go again. My juicer just went bad. Pretty much without one already. To compensate for that i am using a blender right now. Honestly it doesn't do the job efficiently. A juicer would definitely be amazing to have seeing that i am already without one!... Just a brief testimonial my mom have been having constipation for years now and and after juicing daily on a regular basis her constipation has improved, bone pain almost gone, acidity greatly reduced and she feels much better now. As i am pretty much without a juicer now literally this would be the perfect time for a new one..The JAY CORDICH POWER GRINDER PRO would definitely allow me to get more juice with lesser vegetables besides serving my purpose in leading a healthy lifestyle and my mom to get in better shape...Man i love my mom!...Would really appreciate if i could get one.
I sincerely appreciate the valuable content you put out every saturday! The world needs more people like you man!

Azar Kanoat Dzarasti

Hey there!)
Am juicing 4 month already. So juicing makes me feel light and that previous heavy feeling left me forever. I sleep 7-8 hours a day, wake up, juice, listen to a positive classic music, which makes me feel and think positive. I excluded all that junk food i used to eat before like mcdonalds, kfc and all that fast food stuff, also coffee, sugar.

So thanks a lot for your useful tips and recommendations.
Wish you and your team prosperous activity)


Thank you for creating change in your life Azar.


I would love to win this juicer so I can start juicing. Not only to make myself feel better, but so I can start juicing for my husband and my mom. They both have terminal cancer. My mom has stage 4 lung and my husband has stage 4 renal cell. They both are 24/7 care. My mom lives next door to us, therefore I go and help my dad with her as often as I am able to. I'm my husbands caregiver. Since I'm not able to work right now the only way I will have one is to win one, for we just can't afford to go buy one at this time. I know that juicing for my husband and my mom it would help them in feeling better and give them more strength that they are in need of. I've been reading books on juicing and watching a lot of your video's and others. I hope I win this juicer so I can start putting all this knowledge to work for us all. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to win a juicer. <3


Great video Drew! You know it's interesting because even though I don't juice much since I don't have one I have been very healthy lately but today I went with some friends to watch a basketball game. Once the game ended a debate about where to eat came up but the driver was so stubborn and of course made the final choice. How awful is this , we ended up at roscoes chicken and waffles! I had not eaten so I had too but trust me I was contemplating starving myself and waiting to get home but it was quite a drive. I really think I am great at keeping those toxic taste buds away but after tonight I feel like it messed up my guy like how you were saying and now I might not absorb nutrients as well. I'm assuming plenty of beets and carrots but I need a juicer! I hope to win it. Thanks for the vid Drew!


Any time pablo!


I really want to get into juicing but always talk myself out of it! I long to feel healthier and happier for myself and as a good example for my family.


Why are you talking your self out of it Melissa. Make the change today. Go here to get started http://goo.gl/CKnOpR


I have had diabesity for many years. I spent 3 years in a chair before I had both my hips replaced. I have been trying to get rid of the excess weight but it doesn't seem to happen. I found you on FB and am very interested in juicing. Makes sense to me. I have very limited funds so would love to win the juicer.


Good luck on winning the juicer. I believe in you


I am really hoping to be consistent this time around. I am happy I found fitlife. Over the past few years I've gone back & forth from juicing and blending to the SAD diet. Thanks to you Drew and the motivation found here I'm very hopeful about not just reaching my optimum health goals but maintaining them. This time around I will succeed and live a fit life.


i know you can do it. If you feel that you need extra guidance and accountability please check out our membership site http://fitlife.tv/member/

Jóhannes Gauti Óttarsson

I really want to try juicing! After watching your videos I've taken a keen interest in this way of life. You are really an inspirational person and I admire the work of FitLifeTV. I can easily find everything I want to know about healthy lifestyle by watching your videos. After watching numerous of videos on juicing, I've begun considering whether I should try it. The reason why this juicer would be perfect for me is because of my long-term illness, diabetes type 1. I don't want to be pitied or anything like that but these are my thoughts. There are many people who suffer from this disease and I truly think that the lifestyle you promote can help those people to control their illness more effectively. That's why I've linked your videos to others who deal with the same problem as me. As you said in your video about giving your body the right nutrition leading to less cravings made me think about how well this applies for diabetics. By thinking strategically about good and optimal nutrition and in that way avoiding unhealthy cravings, this would contribute to a more stable condition regarding blood-sugar.

Keep up the good work and thank you again for everything you do.
Best wishes,


Get started today! http://goo.gl/CKnOpR

Michelle Porter Gardiner

Love all the tips and recipes!!! Just started juicing about 2 months ago, I love how much better I feel ;). I'm now focusing on the weight loss to rid that stubborn 15 lbs... Starting the cleanse today!!!


That is awesome! Check out the Beta Breakthrough on how to get rid of those stubborn 15 http://goo.gl/8XHs5Y everyone who has done it has had beyond great success


Thank you for this information. I have been juicing for some time now, but found out listening to your videos and on facebook that I was not jucing correctly. I began feeling so depressed about my weight. I am 324 pounds with heart disease, diabetes, and no degenative joint disease in my legs where I have to take 10 mg of Vicodin twice a day to walk. I am at my wits end. My Juiceman juicer needs to be replaced, I had it for too many years. Not in the budget. I did see a video by you on how too green juice. I am really excited for the first time. Will be following you. I took the test and the results will not download. Thank you Drew for my life back.


I started juicing around a year ago after watching your videos Drew. started out with a blender and strainer then got a juicer and the difference was immense! i started running alot more not concentrating on eating so much meat my acne cleared up, started also drinking lemon/lime in all my water and when i look back at what i used to be compared to what i am now.... well wow I can't even believe it myself. No one ever understands how important juicing is until they start juicing and the sad thing is that you stop for a while and you forget... It's so important to juice especially with the quality of food degrading everyday you need intense hit of green energy to keep the light inside of you... I really want a powergrind pro as i've heard that it doesn't spin at such a fast rate that kills the enzymes and making almond milk!! Well that's a bonus in itself... Regardless win or not Drew your a champ bluetooth me a high 5 mate... Eternal fitlifer


Thank you, just listening to your positive voice & truth lifts my spirits,. I am going to try the beet juice detox today. I have been feeling toxic (even after massage yesterday)
major life changes, not to mention the food!
Namaste & Love.....hugs


Thank you Kathy. Have a wonderful day


Hey Drew. Here we go again. My juicer just went bad and I just cant afford to get one, being on a limited budget myself!
A brief honest testimonial for you. My mom have been having constipation for years now and and after juicing daily on a regular basis her constipation has improved, bone pain almost gone, acidity greatly reduced.
A juicer would definitely be amazing to have seeing that i am without one already.This will definitely serve my purpose in leading a healthy lifestyle and my mom to get in better shape...Man i love my mom!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SELECTING ME AS THE WINNER OF THE JUICER. I believe you can relate why i had word it in that manner. Spiritual standpoint perhaps. I know you can relate DREW!.
I sincerely appreciate the valuable content you put out every saturday! As much as you look forward making them, I definitely look forward viewing them every week.The world needs more people like you man!


I would love to begin juicing. I want tolose 50-65 lbs. Ive tried all the diets and it goes and comes back.... I want to feel better about myself. All i need is a juicer to begin. Thank you for all of your posotive videos..
Brandi Lockhart


I knew about you because of my cousin. And I thought, well another sale dreamer. Now I am 40 pounds overweight, I used to work in Elite as a teacher, so you can imagine what it means for my self esterm. Very depressed, medicated with clonagin, wellbutrin and sertraline, for 4 years. And is not working. Ah! I smoke 10-15 cigarretes a day. I am 44 years old single mother of 2 wonderfull teenagers ( i ve been very succesfull mother). But I am not happy. Yesterday I tried for dinner some brocoli juice, and I found myself looking tv without my glasses, and making jokes with my kids (my older was suppose to go out last night and prefers yo stay with ME!!!, also I did not smoke for sleep. So, I will try it, I will go to the market now to buy my vegetables. I will keep you posted, cause as you said: we are in this togethet. ❤❤❤❤

Judith Wendy Young-Ruiz

I have already sign up and purchasing your book. But I am using a blender so a juicer will help be so helpful in creating a new me for 2014. I have 100 lbs to lose. Pick me Pick me ...lol...yes pick me I need it 🙂


I am getting into juicing, just for the "Health of it" . I have noticed some of the benefits already. I like hearing Saturday Strategy, it sure helps keep the motivation as it seems juicing takes so much time and clean up, I tend to get frustrated. Thank you Drew!


Thank you, Drew...chock full of good info & always inspirational! It's a healing journey, for sure! 🙂


Have juiced in the past, and ready to start again. Have a small juicer that works pretty good. I plan on upgrading soon. Thank you for all your awesome information.


I have been juicing for 4 months now and have lost several inches, all of my clothes are big on me. Now I am helping my friends to get healthy by juicing as well. My aunt has liver problems so I am making juice for her too every day. Thank you for posting all the liver cleansing recipes. Juice on!!!


Hi Drew, I enjoy your website/videos/books, etc. I have a small request though....I don't know if I'm the only one....but I find the music terribly distracting to hearing what you're saying, in the videos. I'm 61, so perhaps my hearing isn't what it used to be...?....but even if it were just a little softer, I'd be able to concentrate more on what you're saying. I am so excited to see young people like yourself on a good healthy path. I've been studying nutrition, natural healing, etc since 1976! I am an original "health nut!" Keep up the terrific work, spreading such valuable information! Blessings~~ Janaki


Interesting episode. I would love to try a juice cleanse soon.


Start today 🙂

Preston Equality McCarthy

Hey, Drew! I've been watching the Saturday Strategies for a while now and this one especially struck a chord with me. My sister and I juiced for about 7 weeks at the beginning of the year and we both lost some weight, but I still didn't feel healthy. Our juicer broke down after a while and at the time, we couldn't afford to replace it. So we decided to give up juicing and attempt to stay on track in other ways. Then it all fell apart and we both gained the weight right back. Now I've discovered yoga and how wonderful I feel after a good session. I would love to be able to couple that with juicing again. I've already got my 2014 resolutions figured out and one of the main ones is no longer to "Lose Weight", but instead it is to "Get into the Best Shape of My Life". I know receiving the micronutrients through the juicing method will maximize my energy and really push my transformation forward. After watching these strategies, I feel like I'm finally ready to experience the juice high one more time. 🙂


Hey Drew, I tried it order a jay Kordich juicer, it seems supplier has closed up, can you help me get one, meaning where to buy. Thanks


Of course go to this link http://goo.gl/mulHeD let me know if you have any other issues ordering it


I love juicing! I've been juicing on and off for years, starting with carrot juice. I've only juiced the basics like celery, carrot and some fruits, and I'm ready to explore the variety of green juices you talk about! Right now I'm using a masticating juicer I bought at a garage sale, it does the job but doesn't juice greens. I'd like to step up my juicing game, and a high quality juicer would help! I've made some great changes including going gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free...eat mostly organic real food, do green smoothies and other good things for my body, but I feel like I'm missing something. What you said about the micronutrients struck a chord today...my body needs the support of real nutrients (not synthetic vitamins) to have optimal health.Thanks for finding your purpose and sharing it with the world!

Mary Ellen


I do triathlons and have been fighting a weight problem for years. I quit smoking almost 3 years ago and everyone said you will gain weight when you quit. I wasn't worried because of my training. Boy was I wrong. I think I gained about 15 pounds in a month and no matter how much training and exercise I did, I just couldn't lose the weight. I started concentrating on my diet, but I still have not lost the desired weight. It is the off season now and I am gaining weight again. I started juicing a few weeks ago, after buying one of your books and feel better, but still not losing any weight. It sounds like I may need to do the 5 day reset you spoke about. I hope this helps. Thanks for the Saturday Strategies!


Check out the Reset and let me know how you feel after. Good luck!


THANK YOU, DREW! This video was so informative and beneficial to me. I forwarded to my son and I am going to post on my facebook page. I know what I definitely want for Christmas! A juicer! Hopefully I will get yours (aka WIN IT!) haha Thank you, again for all you do! 😀


That is amazing! Thank you for sharing this with me


Drew: love you! I keep trying to move into a healthier lifestyle and your videos are my inspiration.
Thx for sharing...


Thank you Annette


Hey Drew - I just got out of the hospital after staying 5 days with what they've diagnosed with as ischemic colitis. Dr. want me to eat a bland diet...which by the way is not good food. Lot's of items that will jack sugar up in me and cause acid reflux. After what I went through, I'm even afraid to drink apple cider vinegar which was great for my acid reflux. I'm sure it didn't help matters when they were giving me shots of Pepcid while in hospital until I asked them to stop. I've heard that people have healed their colitis with juicing. At this point I'm not supposed to eat raw veggies. Supposed to have a low fiber diet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


THANK YOU, DREW! I wish I would have known all of this years ago. I've been attempting to make many changes in my life (going gluten-free, staying active), but I just knew there had to be more. I am having the toughest time losing weight and what you say is so sound...and true. I don't remember how I came across your page, but I count it as a true blessing. You have taught me so much about taking better care of myself and my family. It makes me so excited to know I can now show them the way too. I forwarded this video to family members and I'm posting on my facebook page. I now know what I want for Christmas...yes, a juicer! I always say I don't want anything for Christmas and I rarely tell my family, but this year I'm going let them know. Maybe I'll WIN one and be the leading force in this healthier lifestyle. A chance for me to be a good example, for once. Thanks again for changing my life (and my family)...for the better. 😀

Edwin Hallows Blaque

I look forward to every video and post you do. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable information! It's changed my life, and I am always so eager to give back by sharing with my friends and family! I've caught myself on more than one occasion talking with complete strangers about health, nutrition, and juicing; your name always comes up. I've always heard that you shouldn't "diet," but instead make a lifestyle change. This was always very hard for me to do, let alone comprehend, but then I started listening to you and it all made sense! Thanks again!


Good morning Drew and crew...thank you for the informative session today. You simply and eloquently explained 3 very important aspects of good health that many try to share in a very easy to understand and quickly implement way. After watching your weekly episodes, I am ready to start a serious juicing program DAILY. In fact, my items are on the counter, ready to go! My question to you is: I do not have a juicer, I have a Vitamix. Have you found a difference in using all the pulp in a 'juicing' program verses just the juices from an extractor type machine? I once borrowed a juicer from a friend but felt all the beautiful pulp was going to waste and the process was rather cumbersome and messy to clean up. With the something like a Vitamix, I get more of a smoothy type drink but equally packed with micronutrients. Anyway, was just wondering your thoughts on the differences. I am looking forward to getting rid of 30 pounds and some increasing foot pain I've been having - maybe in time for my 55th birthday! Thank you for your generous sharing of optimal health and the recipes!

Christy Flinchum Stone

I am on a weight loss loss regime and at times feel "stuck"...I have a Vitamix, but would love to actually have a juicer as well to see the difference it could make. I absolutely love all the information that you post. You are an inspiration!


I love when I get my family on board and they are eager to try each juice because they helped make it. My husband, 13 year old, nine, and six year old love juicing! Thanks Drew!


Can veggie juice deliver comfort to Plantar Fasciitis? My husband has been hobbling around with this painful injury for about 3 months. Any suggestions? I'd love to try out a new "Jay Juicer" to test this theory out. 🙂

Aunt Kitty Lenahan

YUP, I have that sugar craving constantly,How do I get the craving for sugar under control for the Holidays? I will be with a Family who eats sugar like water....what do I do? How should I handle the Sweets...passing...under...my...nose!?!?


Neen juicing about two months .I have three of drews books . Cleansed first and juiced twice a day and small ju ces in beteeen still only lost about 8 lbs . This article changes up some of his juicing. Will try but a bit dissatisfied with results disabled back now foot problems so very frustrated because can not work out which is why doing green juicing and eating healthier.frustrated. already take lasix so water weight not a issue to check into losing first.did the 21days to better habit.


Love the recipes you post.


How do u feel about organic as opposed to regular supermarket fruits? I know organic is best but it's not cheap. Any fruit is better than no Fruit but is it worth buying with all the pesticides??


You are so inspiring! Starting about a year and a half ago I have been getting my health in check. I have gotten my diet mostly in check, but I still find it hard to get my veggies in. I have been wanting a juicer for over a year now, but cost is an issue. I am saving up to buy one, but in the mean time I have been blending veggies and pressing them by hand through a strainer. It's very time consuming so I can only juice 2-3 times a week. I also really want to get my wife into juicing. We are trying to get pregnant and I really think juicing during the pregnancy would be so beneficial for the baby and my wife. I really appreciate all of your inspiration and knowledge. You truly are making a difference!!


Hey Drew, I look forward to your videos. I am hoping today I will have the energy to get it together to do another juice fast. I did a 5 day juice fast about a year ago. I wasn't working as my husband and I moved to Virginia for him to do some training with the Air Force. Now that we have been back in Ohio, I have a full time job and struggling to get it together for another juice fast. (I have been sick the past two and half weeks with Bronchitis and can't seem to get rid of it!!) I have had skin 'rashes' for the past six years now and I hate wearing all my cute skirts and short dresses as it is mainly on my legs. My husband is not willing to drop $400 bucks for the kind of juicer I would like to have. I work with what I have (a magic bullet, which wastes so much juice!) but I know once I get it together and juice again my husband will see that it really helps with my skin. On the third day of my first juice fast, my skin was clearing up! By day five and the days following that I ate raw veggies and fruit, my skin was healing itself! Scars were going away from years of rashes popping up. I know I'm allergic to something that I'm eating, but I just don't even know where to start to figure that out!! HELP!
-Coughing my way to the store to get this second juice fast on its way, bruised ribs in all!


I did a cleanse earlier this year and felt great afterwards, so much so that I decided to make a career change and am looking to open a restaurant in my city that offers fresh squeezed juices as part of a healthy menu. Even knowing all I know and using the great recipes I got from Drew, I still fall back into old habits when life gets busy and stressful...so I'm excited about the opportunity to open my new restaurant in 2014 and focus on eating healthier myself as well as helping others understand the benefits of juicing. These daily videos are a great reminder of what I should be doing and helps me get on track when I go astray. Thanks Drew!


Oh I am in desperate need of a juicer. I've tried every" diet' every gimmick, numerous pills. I've worked with my doctor(who prescribes me more pills) . I've changed everything about the way i live, diet and exercise, Nothing works! I found this website and hope to start juicing as soon as i can afford a juicer.


I really LOVE juicing and know the exceptional benefits that come with it! The only thing I don't like is that it is so time consuming for me so I tend to fall back into bad habits! I'm about to have surgery and I'm going to try my best to heal with juices and smoothies only! I wonder though how kale compares to cruciferous veggies like broccoli? The surgery I'm having is hormone related but I know fat hangs on to hormones and toxins. I would like to get rid of my excess fat ASAP so I don't need this surgery again.


I AM ready for a change.....

I was a vegetarian for about 25 years, back in 2005 my husband had back
surgery, and after that, we had some major trying times financially,
spiritually, emotionally (you name it), and I gained 70 lbs in one year.

I have had my urine, spit, blood and even other ways tested for things,
and have always been told I am perfectly healthy, was just holding in
too much stress, hence my weight gain.

I started eating meat about 5 years ago, with all the protein craze
trying to see if that would work, and it hasn't (course main reason
because that was not the cause).

So......(thank you in advance
to everyone who sells weight loss things, I am not doing any products,
but would love hugs, support and encouragement!) I am going back to
being a vegetarian, and losing weight and getting healthy God's way.
Going back to lots of my juicing and smoothies, and getting up and being
active every day.

Not waiting for the new year to come for a
new years resolution, going to do it now, and give myself a great
Christmas present looking and feeling better with lots more energy, and
NO more travels till my speaking engagement in Jacksonville, FL Jan 18 -
and y'all will see a new and better ME

Bought your program a couple days ago Drew, looking forward to reading more....90% of it I probably already know, because of the way I was raised, but many times we need to re-learn and re-hear things to get our focus back, right? 🙂


Make the change happen today! are you apart of our membership community?

Lynn Adair Boyles

I have experienced the high you talk about with juicing and really love it but the challenge is the time it takes to juice in the morning. I tried juicing at night and drinking in the morning but it is not the same. I tried freezing the juice and adding to blender in the morning but wonder if the value is lost in the process. I go to work very early and work long hours at a new job so the juicing has dropped off in the time restraints when I need it most. I could do it at night but most of the time I just cook dinner and then it is time for bed. How have others managed similar challenges? How can I juice for the day or the next day without losing the nutrients?


It depends on the type of juicer you have. You can also seal shut your juice with a mason jar.

Ann Rutherford Berthiaume

Hi Drew-the message today really helped. I have been on the line for a few years about getting a juicer and afraid to invest the money. I am losing bone in my jaw and also have joint pain. I have lost 20 lbs-but need to lose about 20-25 more.
I am 66 yo and want to be able to enjoy playing with my grandchildren. My grandson loves it when G'ma is able to climb the jungle gym at the park. The smile on his face is priceless. I also want to be an example for my children. One is trying to get pregnant and eats to many sugary foods.
Ordering a juicer today. The cost is worth a better life.
Thank you


That is a such a powerful story. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I know you will get through any hurdle ahead of you.


I have been struggling with my weight my entire life. Not only is it threatening to my health, but it interferes with my professional and social life because I don't feel confident. I am in a vicious cycle of feeling depressed, consoling myself with food, then hating myself because of the way I look and feel, and then I repeat it. I need to break the cycle, get control of my physical and mental health, and begin to move forward. Juicing sounds like the perfect way to attack that goal.


Leah, thank you for sharing that story with us. You are amazing. I know will make it happen soon. Start today. Check out http://goo.gl/CKnOpR for more information


I just returned from an amazing journey. Oct 1 I started my walk.. 500 mile ...Camino De Santiago. I walked for 40 days. This was the hardest thing I have every done. As I walked I would visualize a healthy body and mind. My walk jump started my weight loss, and I realized I'm a strong women.
Thank you for Saturday Strategy...importance of juicing and exercise , keeps my motivated and informed.


Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is amazing. You are such a strong woman 🙂


How can juicing assist in menopause? I get that the phytonutrients help balance hormones but how much does it take? I juice about 1 quart in he morning, this is the 3rd month. Still issues with absorption, sleep, hot flashes. Insights are welcome. Thank you so much for the info you put out, excellent material!!


Thank you for believing in yourself. What are you juicing?


Love juicing and especially how it makes me feel, but it takes soooo long to make one juice that I usually find myself passing on that and choosing a quicker alternative. If I could figure out how to juice in less time (it can take 30-45 mins to make one juice!), I'd definitely do it more. Your Saturday Strategies always motivates me to juice, but the time factor hurts, for sure.


Thank you for watching Dawn. It gets easier when you get your systems in place with juicing


I just bumped into this page, I loved what I've read so far and im curios to start juicing, I've seen the infomercials on the benefits of juicing for health, isues and weight loss but never tried it, seems its the way to go these days all I need to start making life style changes is that juicer,and some will power the rest will come once one start seeing results.


Liz, take action and start today. Give yourself a chance. You will never look back


Juicing has helped me in so many ways not only do i feel more positive i have more energy and motivation! My skin is clearer and i just feel so good on the inside!! Highly recommend anyone who hasn't started juicing to do so immediately!! i just need a better juicer now, mine is on the fritz!


That is great to hear! i can't wait to see your transformation pics 🙂 http://www.123contactform.com/form-572591/FitLife-Transformation-Story

Lynne Carlton Martin

Ugh... I'm one of those people whose weight crept up... I began putting on 5-10 lbs per year in my 30's.... So now in my 50's...I'm about 75lbs overweight. I lost my husband of 32 years 2 years ago and it's time to take care of me... He was always encouraging me and supportive but I never did anything lasting. A recent juice fast changed my mind about juicing... And I love love the way it makes me feel.. So 11 down and more to go...


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are amazing


Confession: I haven't actually started juicing yet. I was never interested and thought I would just end up feeling hungry all of the time. Then, a friend kept talking about her juicing experience and how great she was feeling. I became more curious and asked her about her information. Where was she getting the recipes? How was the plan keeping her from starving? She sent me here. While I still haven't started, I am enjoying all of this information and am now saving money to buy a juicer (student + single mom = I have no money lol) and I am also saving as many recipes as possible so I am ready to go once I get my juicer. Thanks for the information and inspiration! I can't wait to get started!


Thank you for believing in yourself. I know you will make it happen

Kristen Monasmith

When I was very sick from Chemo I found Drew. He literally helped me get whole again. My Dr's couldn't believe their eyes! They asked me what in the world I was doing and I told them about juicing and finding this website. I had sooo many questions and the FitLife team was there all the way. I have been juicing for about 2 years now and will admit, I have slided. I have put back on a LOT of weight and really want to start again with Drew. He is so motivational and it reallly helps having his videos and such. It seems that every question I have, they have an answer. I just HAVE to get going because I do know the difference it makes in my life.


Thank you for taking a chance on yourself and making it happen.


Thanks you so much for your weekly inspiration. I really learn alot from your emails and website. I actually love juicing now! It's actually helped relieve some of my lipedema symptoms of feeling sluggish and "heavy" Thank you so much!


Have you tried the alpha reset yet? I'm so thrilled that juicing is playing a huge role in your life 🙂


I find myself craving the juice. Let me refrase that. I still crave the bad stuff but my body really craves the juice. It tells me it needs nutrients. I think the hard part for most people is psychological. You fear you will suffer w/out being able to eat what you want. You feal it's a sacrifice to eat healthy. The addictions are too strong. But if you just start out by not thinking about what you won't eat and focus on drowning yourself in nutrients first then your body will naturally stop wanting the other things. Do the greens first then eat what you want. But be sure to really do a lot of the greens. Gradually the other things won't be as satisfying and you won't want it anymore. At least this is what seems to help me. Thanks for all the info. Love your videos. Good stuff!


Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Your story is incredibly amazing


Oh my gosh, Gabrielle Taylor's story is almost identical to what I'm going through right now. My problem is I do the right things, feel better, and then for whatever reason go back to sabotaging myself. Why? Why do I do this? Why can't I stay on a healthy path of juicing, yoga, etc.? I don't have a familial partner to do this with me and I know that is part of the struggle, but I don't have a familial partner to help sabotage myself either. It's a conundrum. Well, at least I've found fitlife and I will not give up. Back on the "band wagon"!


Thank you for sharing your story. It is important to start somewhere do you know that?


Hey Drew, that was an awesome video. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I would love to start juicing, but can't afford a juicer right now. I blend as much vegetables in my blender but don't feel the infusion of energy you seem to be talking about. I have Hashimoto's Disease and Crohn's Disease and would love to juice the real way and get rid of the inflammation in my body. I don't sleep well and I get up all achy and tired and can hardly get through the day. I would love to win this juicer so I can feel the way you are talking about. Thanks for the opportunity and please keep sending me your videos..I enjoy them immensely. Have a great day! 🙂


Goo luck on winning the juicer Marie 🙂


Thanks, Drew, for another great video. This video addresses my problem, sugar craving! I definitely want to get away from sugar and wheat. My weight is good, and my BMI is good. I just want to eliminate the unhealthy things.

Thanks again for all you do.


Check out the Beta Breakthrough to get rid of those sugar cravings. It is amazing. Everyone who has done it has had 100% success. Check it out http://goo.gl/CKnOpR


Drew - thanks for the video! I was just diagnosed with high cholesterol. How can I implement juicing to prevent the push toward statin drugs? Thanks for your help!


If you were to just juice once a day three times a week just to start you will notice a huge difference. Check out http://goo.gl/hOi0CU for more information to get started


Drew you really hit the nail on the head for me! I am on the typical SAD diet, and suffer from a lack of sleep and proper nutrition. I want to start the alpha reset, and start living the life I was meant to have! Thank you for your help and inspiration! Muah!


Start today Brenda


Hi Drew! As always, another great video! I have been juicing on and off for about two years now. I am a huge advocate of juicing and have experienced the highs of what happens mentally, emotionally, and physically when you provide your body with the proper nutrients. However, I feel as if I am a "binge" juicer. I am constantly falling on and off the band wagon. I will do two weeks perfectly, where I am incorporating at least one juice a day, but then not juice at all for the next two or three weeks. I honestly believe that it has a lot to do with the quality of my juicer, because all I have ever used is the $50 GE juicer from Walmart. It makes the process that much longer and harder. I'm looking forward to the day where my prepping doesn't include cutting every thing down to a small enough size just to fit into the mouth of the juicer! Definitely on my Christmas list! Thanks again for your dedication and commitment to helping people change their lives. You are truly an inspiration and modern day hero:-)


Thank you for your support it means the world to my team and I.

Debbie Stanley Roland

Thanks for another Saturday Strategy that is full of information to help us on our journey to health.

I am on Day 4 of juicing. My juicer will not juice leafy vegetables so I put them in the nutribullet and blend then I add what I juiced.

My body is still detoxing as today I have the achy all over syndrome but I know that will pass in a couple of days.

Drew, I would like to know more about storing fresh juices and how to minimize the loss of nutrients. I would like to juice larger quantities so I do not have to juice veggies every day.


That is great to know. I am beyond happy that you are on a juicing journey 🙂


from the power of knowledge to the power of juicing. very inspiring. always love juicing but never thought of it that way. i really want to live that dream of being motivated, inspired and ready to rock. thank you A LOT for sharing .


Of course!

Christy DiNielli Herrera

Hi -
Thanks for this Saturday Strategy. I always learn something new. I do juice, although not as often as I would like to. After watching today's episode I'm more pumped than ever to start juicing in the mornings. I have a juicer and I can easily do it, but I do have a situation that I would like a suggestion on. I live with three other people and I get up a few hours earlier than the rest because of my work schedule. I really don't want to be an inconsiderate roommate by waking everybody up because of my noisy juicer. I've considered making my juice at night and drinking it in the morning - but am I defeating the purpose by doing that and allowing the micronutrients to die? If not, then that's what I will do - unless you know of any quiet juicers you can recommend? Just looking for some suggestions. Thank you!!


I am thrilled that you are loving our Saturday Strategy videos. It means the world to me. Check out the Jay Kordich poewrgrind pro juicer if you are looking for a new one http://goo.gl/mulHeD


Hi Drew and Fitlife Team, I have been navigating life for 63 years now. I have been in excellent health and I have been in mediocre health. I am a mental health professional and I love that you always include the mental aspect of good health. I currently work with people who have substance use disorders, more commonly known as drug and alcohol dependence. I would love to hear you talk more about nutrients for the brain because, as you may know, addiction is a brain disease. I would like to use more of a nutritional focus in my treatment approach. I would like to obtain one of the juicers you are giving away to use at my place of employment too teach clients about the benefits of juicing for mental health and the "high" that we get from being healthy. I told you last week that finding, dusting off, and using my old juicer helped me to pass my licensing exam! I have allowed stress and lack of self care to interfere with my health again, so I'm starting over again. Ideally, I can combine my personal health with the overall health of my clients and we can walk the healthy red road together. Thank you for all that you do! Jane Colton, LCSW, ACADC, Boise, Idaho


Thank you for your support, it really means a ton to our team

Susan Rickman Carneal

Great strategy! My husband and I have been juicing for about a year and a half and miss it when we don't. Your cleanse recipe has grapefruit and due to his medication for his heart he can't have grape fruit and I've never been a fan of it but I'm willing to give it a try! What can I substitute for him? We are going to due the cleanse starting Dec. 26th since we are both off work..We are excited to due this. I would also like to add that we aren't you typical foodies over the holidays...just a little taste of some old time favorites and we're done! Thanks for addressing the grapefruit issue!


Instead of having grapefruit use asparagus, it is a great substitute for those who are on certain medications. I wish you two the best time cleansing your bodies together 🙂


Thanks for the info! I definitely need to juice more to get rid of those sugar cravings!


Check out the Beta Breakthrough on how to do that. Everyone who has done has ditched their toxic taste buds. Check this out for more information http://goo.gl/JIS5fv


Very good information and recipes! I love your recipes and I love to juice!


Thank you Nadja


Thank you for the recipe and new info 🙂
Still hoping to win a new fancy juicer, still using the borrowed one, and to be honest, haven't used it in 2 weeks. Can't wait to get back to it, I feel so much better when I do! I wished I'd learned, or been taught, about cleaner eating while I was growing up, but my parents didn't know either. I'm teaching my 16 yr old son though, all why letting him know I grew up eating processed foods. But I didn't know better. He does now 🙂 He'll be healthy the rest of his life and not have to worry about falling into the uneducated holes like I did.


Of course! Thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge with your loved ones


love to juice daily and you Drew Canole were the inspiration. Thank you for that. Stepping it up a notch and going to juice twice a day. I have noticed I sleep a solid 8-9 hours now with no waking up.


I am thrilled you are getting great sleep. It is so important. You have no idea


Love this video!!! One of the best ones I have seen. Shared it with my whole community! Right on Drew, love what you are doing for America.



Thank you Kate. You are amazing


Ok Drew now that you mention it my hair is falling out. I have been juicing for two month and have lost 40 pounds. That is all good but I am loosing my hair. I have always had a thick head of hair and get it thinned when I get it cut but not for the past few times. I will say that the hair that appears to be hanging on is the hair that has not turned gray. If I had my choice I would have picked that option, so it is not all bad. I juice 80% Kale with some carrot juice here and there. Feeling great but not so happy about the hair. What do you think?



I recommend that you should increase your folic acid intake. I use Sun Warrior liquid light on a daily basis and b12 supplements to thicker hair.


Thank you for all your advice. It really is inspiring. And for me it's one step at a time and I can't wait to be a before and after 🙂


Any time Connie. One day at a time 🙂


I started juicing in September. Just because I thought it would be a good idea to try and detox. What I found was that the things going on in my head went away. I was becoming dizzy daily, and I was living in a fog, unless you have experienced this, I am not sure people can really understand how hard it is to concentrate. Within 10 days of staring a juice and smoothie food plan that all cleared up. I can think clear again, and will never live another day without juices and smoothies!!! bonus was the 10 lbs of weight loss. I also no longer need a sleep aide. I know Juicing has improved my quality of life. And its only been 60 days.


That is great to hear Dana. Seriously way to go 🙂 I wanna hear more about your story http://www.123contactform.com/form-572591/FitLife-Transformation-Story can you share with us?


Can't wait to take the quiz! I've lost 15 lbs the past 2 months...yay! But I need to do better at sleeping. My mom died on 9/11 in a horrible way...and it haunts me. But things are getting better/easier and I'm feeling more at peace. Slowly but surely. And I have a question...instead of a juicer can I get the $400 in organic foods? That's what I'm struggling with finding. Would love that! 🙂


That is awesome! Way to go Tanya 😉 I wanna hear more about your story http://www.123contactform.com/form-572591/FitLife-Transformation-Story


Thank you! And I'm sorry I didn't mean to assume winning in my wording above. It should be phrased...instead of a juicer, can the WINNER have the option to get $400 in organic foods? Now that's better...LOL! 🙂


I started juicing right after a emergency hysterictomy and I was breaking out in hives. Juicing helped me cleanse my blood and the toxins started to get flushed out of my system. I want to learn more about juicing and nutrition


That is amazing to hear. How are you doing now? For more information check out http://goo.gl/CKnOpR


Hi Drew

Over the years I have juiced periodically but never
consistently. It was only in June of this year I was introduced to your website
and FitLive.Tv and it completely changed my life. After reading your numerous
posts and watching the Saturday Strategy show I decided to take control of my
health and try to live a healthier life. So in June I started juicing
religiously along with eating balanced meals and exercising. I used to take my
juicer to work and would juice in the kitchen on a morning and lunch time as I
wanted my juices fresh. My work colleagues would always be fascinated at my efforts
even though the juicer was noisy and they heard it down the corridors. They
have even told me that I have been an inspiration to them J

I did the alpha reset and I bought the beta breakthrough. I
must admit that the BB was a bit hard at first as I was accustomed to
incorporating some sweet in my juices (mainly apples). But I persevered and saw
the results.

I am very proud to announce that with consistent efforts I
have successfully lost 40lbs from the period June to October 2013 due to
juicing and I am committed to continue my weight loss journey as I aim to lose the
final 15lbs.

Last week I relocated from the Caribbean to Houston, Texas
and as I settle into my new home and life I realise that I am already missing
juicing. So I would like to let you know that I would love an opportunity to
win a juicer so that I can continue on my journey to a healthier me.

Thank you to you and your team.

Keep up the good work.



WOW! That is powerful! I wanna hear more about your story here http://www.123contactform.com/form-572591/FitLife-Transformation-Story


Thanks Drew! I appreciate all advice that you've given! Whenever I falter, I just read one of the emails, pump myself up, and get back to it!


That is awesome! Super cool Aurora 🙂


I have been a vegan for five years and feel that I am a healthy eater. I juice, but to be honest, I juice mostly mixed fruit juices in the morning. I know that I need to incorporate more vegetables in my juicing. I did the 5 Day Alpha Reset about 2 months ago. I felt great but, not gonna lie...it was HARD not eating. I know my body loved it and I know that juicing gives me the nutrients I need but working it out every day is very hard for me.I am a runner and run at least 70-80 miles a month, sometimes more. I am planning to run my first half marathon in a couple of weeks. I really appreciate your videos and all the help you offer, I just need to DO IT! Thanks Drew!


The AR is hard, but giving your body that chance to detox and heal is worth it.
Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us. You are amazing.


Thanks for the encouragement Drew. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate all you do!

Diana John Butera

Thank you Drew, great video and great information. I have been juicing for years but your information has shaped my juicing habits. For that alone I thank. GOD bless you and looking forward to learning more and more from you. JB


Thank you JB


Drew as always great video and information. I have tried juiceing in the past with good success until recently. I turned 50 this year and cannot get the weight off even with juiceing. I dont know if you have address the problem with hormone inblances, I would love to hear how juiceing can assist with this problem. I believe that maybe my road block. Please help Drew I'm so frustrated with my condition.


I will make a video and cover that Angela. Have a great day!


I am 37 yrs and have been told that I need to stop eating carbs. I have hbp, degenerative disc disease, high acidic level of 8.3 -gout and borderline diabetes. I weigh 263 and in need of losing weight. would love to try out juicing. i have to start saving up for a juicer. definitely saving your emails. they are very informative. Thank you Drew.


Thank you for believing in yourself and making a change for you and your family


Thank you for caring enough to inform us. I hope to be a candidate for your contest. God Bless you and this website to keep informing people the cautions if we don't change our eating habits for the better. 😉


Thank you Drew & the amazing Fit Life team! I am battling hypothyroidism and injuries sustained during military training. My spouse is supporting me on this journey, we are on day 7 of the Alpha reset preparing to transition to juicing and fitness, together we have lost over 10 pounds in the first week. This was from detox and the awesome Alpha reset procol and were stoked about the next phase!! The amazing benefits of juicing became very obvious during this last week with increases in our energy, sleeping better and a decline in those annoying cravings. We are looking forward to continued success through juicing and I would love to hear more about how juicing can imrove adrenal health, helping to maintain hormone balances. Thank you again Drew and the amazing FitLife TV staff for all your hard work, keep it comin'!


That is great to hear Krista. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your story motivates the team and I to continue what we do.


thanks for the info today, on weight loss, I really want to get started with this , I love the Saturday strategy, I always look forward to the videos, I have a lot of health problems right now, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure, and I have trouble sleeping, I work nights at the hospital, so my eating and sleeping schedule is different, I really look forward to getting started with the info you gave today, I don't have a juicer yet, just a powerful blender, and I use the recipes in there, hoping to get a juicer some day and try the recipes out that way. what recipe is best for energy, thank you and your staff for all the info


I am looking forward to hearing from you next week Mary Ann 🙂

Andrea Barnett Hamelin

Hello Drew, I need your help. I need to lose 15-20 pounds and keep it off. I have 4 boys at home and my needs come last. I might eat one meal a day and snack on the things I shouldn't. I know I can do it but I need guidance. Can you please help me? Thank you. I hope to hear from you.


Andrew, our team is always here to help! Check out our membership site for more information to get you started http://fitlife.tv/member/


Thank you Dre and your team for the tips you give. I have Lupus and I did juice for nearly a year and never felt better. I found when I was juicing I was able to keep my disease in check better. With your help I want to juice for life...... The energy level was up and I did sleep better, I found I would actually crave my green juice which was 1 bag of Spinach, 2 stalks of celery, 2 lg carrots, 1 lemon, 2 apples and ginger root( about the size of a thumb). It would make nearly2 quarts. The juicer I have is an old centrifuge and would love an upgrade some day to an extractor. I did lose some weight but not as much as I wanted. Anyway I am hoping with your help I will star again and stay for life.


Wow! This site isamazing, Drew! My best friend sent me an email with a link to your website. I clicked the link and have been camped out here for at
least an hour now. I've saved several juice recipes...I'm also seriously
considering heading to Whole Foods right now to get some glutathione rich
foods:-) Thanks for sharing such healing & helpful information!


That is awesome! I am so grateful that your friend shared this site with you


I always get good info and continued inspiration to continue changing my health


Thank you for your support Steve. You rock

Tracey Stiles Pera

I am moving to this 'state'. but I will wait until after the holidays. this is better for me, Cold turkey is best on a sandwich! Would love to upgrade my juicer, I hear mine isn't the 'best'. :O


That is awesome. Make the change today, one day at a night. Holidays should not be an excuse. Get started http://goo.gl/CKnOpR


Hi Drew, I find your fitlife very informative and I started to change my routine and diet because of it. I now start to enjoy a healthier perspective and lost 3 inches on my waist already. However, I wish I have a juicer to start your juicing tecnique and absorb health in the micronutrient department. I want my hair to be healthier again as a result as well. I am becoming a fan of your health coaching on a regular basis and I thank you for being there.


That is awesome! Thank you for being apart of our movement Jay. I am looking forward to seeing your transformation pic 😉


Drew another great video. Thanks for all the good information. I juice 2x's a day and want to do the detox. I know I would love it just have to prepare ahead and just do it. What do you say about protein bars and which ones to eat? Sometimes I eat them in between my juice so I don't get hungry. I'm not sure which ones are GMO free and have the kind of sugar I can have. (diabetes) I read labels but with all the info out there I get confused as what to eat & not to eat. I know pure stevia is the best & I do use that most of the time. I've been on a plateau for a few weeks but trying to be patient. I love your videos so keep them coming. They keep me motivated and keep me from getting discouraged. Its hard when you live in a household of junk eaters but I think we are making an impact. We ARE in this together. : ) Thanks for all your hard work.


That is awesome! I dig your plan Debbie. Way to be a greta example 🙂


Please let me know what your thoughts are on Protein Bars and which are the best to eat esp w/diabetes. And is stevia the only sugar I can have or is there other ones. I've read diff't things. Thanks Drew


Thank you Drew! Now I understand better my body and the juicing process. I hope I can get the juicer for better progress!


Good luck! Thank you again for your support


Interesting message today, Drew. I'm glad to know your story. You make It sound so easy and simple. Then reality sets in and reality says it is difficult to change your eating habits. The good news is that it is only your eating habits and this can done! I have at least, 10 more pounds to lose. I'm a member for two months. I've completed the the AR and the BB once. I started the juice and fitness program and well... . Today I drink one quart of juice, eat pretty healthy and am maintaining a 4 pound weight loss. I juice 4 quarts every Sunday.. Then I juice 3 quarts again on Wednesday. If . If I miss drinking a juice, it's noticed. I write my grateful list daily and join that with my future goals and visualizations. (Today, on my walk with my dogs, I was grateful to see a black trash bin on the road. LOL) I walk the New Lean. I drink lemon water twice daily and reach my goal of drinking over a gallon of water daily. A new juicer would be very welcomed in my home as cheap one I have is going. I see that juicing is something that I will continue to do. I am a breast cancer survivor two times. I started juicing after my first bout and then stopped. The second time, this year was enough for me to see how important healthy eating is and like my doctor has said I don't want this ugly disease a third time, twice is enough!


Thank you for watching Fern 😉


Hi Drew, Its been a pretty long road that lead me to where I am today. I used to be blissfully unaware of the state of our diet and how it affected my health. My daughter through being diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago has brought me to where I am today with a wealth of knowlegde about "real food." I juice with what I can with a pretty old juicer. Thankfully it hasnt given out yet! I love the juices I make, I'll juice any veggie or fruit and drink it. I'd like to know, is it just as good to juice anything together or do the veg/fruit mix have to be a specific recipe to help/heal/nourish your body? And yes! Do a vid on healthy hair with juicing. Would love to see that! God Bless Drew, keep up the good work!


Francesca, I am so happy that you have found this site. Isn't it amazing that the answer to our health problems are right in front of us. REAL FOOD. Check out http://goo.gl/CKnOpR for more information


can you get the same nutrients from blending or smoothies


Yes, the nutrient content is the same but the effects are different. Check out http://goo.gl/CKnOpR for more information


Hi Drew, got off track juicing; kinda bummed right now my middle is growing again. Gonna do your reset tomorrow. Bought a jnew juicer off tv, but got to return it as it can't even juice three kale leafs at a time. Gonna use my old juicer. I'm hoping to drop 3-4 lbs this week. Wish me luck!


You are gonna do great! I know you will


Hi Drew thank s so much for this information im ve being struggling with weight loss cause I lose and add more pounds than the one I ve lost after a while which makes me frustrated and I just feel no need trying but im determine to keep trying till I get it right. I ve just being diagonised with type 2 diabetics how do I manage my self with type of juice ll help me lose weight and manage the diabetics? God bless you.


Thank you for being amazing. Check out our membership site on how to juice with type 2 diabetes. http://fitlife.tv/member/


How would a juice fast effect me if I'm still training and being very active. Wouldn't the lack of protien be harmful?


I suggest that you do NOT fast while you are training. When you fast it is a detoxing state as well as slightly stressful on the body. Do it on a day you are not training. Lack of protein after 10 days is harmful, not within 5 days. Click here to get started


Drew I have so many questions and I feel so dumb asking them on the blog.. But as you can see I changed my profile picture looking a little slimmer. Anyway here are questions that comes to mind.. When only juicing for a long period of time can your organs shut down? 2 when I do the five day reset can I still excise.. 3 I spent a lot if money on my juicer and it's at the point when make two juices it shits down on me. Then later on it works again when I shop foe a juicer how do I know which one is best for me and will last the duration .. Thank you


I highly suggest that you look into the Jay Kordich powergrind pro juicer. It is amazing! It is easy to clean and not expensive


Drew, I am new to all of this juicing and do NOT eat near enough veggies. I do everything I am NOT supposed to do. Anyway, I have IBS. I was told to eat only soluable fiber, not insoluable. I was told I can only eat cooked veggies. I was told certain veggies were bad for my IBS, eg. cause bloating, pain,and digestive problems. Now, if I juice these or any veggies, does the fact that I am breaking them down considerable by squashing them 🙂 make it okay for me to drink these wonderful, marvelous vuice drinks?? I have not tried this yet, but really want to.
Your video (s) are very informative. I need everything you say will help. I am 30 + lbs overweight and 58 yrs old. I can't do heavy duty cardio, because of breathing problems. So, I need to work with what I can. Any suggestions or help with my veggie question would be fabulous. thank you so much!!!


I highly suggest that you juice once a day to help you create consistent habits towards juicing. Phytonutrients are what you are missing in your diet. They are vital toward detoxing and healing your body

Shelley George Bales

As I don't have a juicer I haven't begun the transformation, but what I can tell you is that it is wonderful to read all the informative emails you send me and to watch the videos and learn something new about how my body works and how juicing can make it work more efficiently.
Best of all is that I know you're in my corner providing a support system. Thanks for that, it means a lot!!


You rock Shelley 🙂


great video Drew as always... I know I'll never win a juicer. I don't have the incredible stories to share like all the other winners... but I will tell you that since I started juicing, I've noticed my health improve... in fact, so has my daughter. She is 16 and now wants to start juicing with me. Suddenly, she wants to teach me how to eat healthy, LOL! I already quit eating meat over a year ago, I don't eat processed foods, I'm working on reducing the dairy in my diet (I quit drinking milk but I still eat cheese and butter). I do have an omega juicer, but I really must be doing something wrong. I hate juicing with that thing because it clogs up so very fast 🙁 maybe a different kind of juicer would make a difference...


Why did you give up eating meat? I think you should check out our membership program to guide you through this whole process. http://fitlife.tv/member/

Terri Scanlon Truckenmiller

Ready ...set...Go!


That's what I love to see 🙂


Hello 🙂 I have never owned a juicer but I've been very interested for awhile now. While I was in NY a few weeks ago I became very sick because of the change in energy, air quality, climate (I had arrived from Italy). My asthma kicked in and it was very bad. I barely slept, I was using an inhaler every hour, sometimes every five minutes. All of this gave me bad migraines because my brain wasn't receiving enough oxygen. One day my cousin asked if I'd like to have somejuice since she was going to juice for herself, and she began pulling out fresh fruits and some vegetables. That's when I noticed the ginger root in her fridge & asked her if she could put some in the juice - I was told by a friend that ginger can help the lungs. My cousin made an amazing juice with a kick of ginger and I kid you not, my lungs began to loosen and I began to breathe with better ease within 5-10 minutes after taking my first few sips! If anyone has experienced asthma attacks or breathing problems, they know how scary it is and how RELIEVING it is to be able to breathe. <3 Yay for juicing 🙂


What a story! I am thrilled that you have turned to juicing. It is incredible 🙂


Thank you so much again for the incredible encouragement and information!! You are really helping me get on track.


Thank you for being amazing and believing in yourself. That is the greatest gift of all.
What kind of moisturizer are you using?


Hi Drew, I don't
use any commercial moisturizer. #1 I can't deal with the smell. Most all
of them, even so-called natural ones, have an agent that causes me
respiratory congestion. #2 I ask myself "if my pet were to lick my arm
or toes would I want them to ingest this?" and the answer is no to all
of them. If it isn't good enough for them to consume it's not good
enough for me to allow it to soak in via my skin.

When the
weather is cool enough (and I have time) I use coconut oil. I mix it
with water in my hand and apply. It soaks in quickly and doesn't leave
my skin greasy. But still I have dry skin, especially my scalp and legs.


you are so motivating I really appreciate how you care. Every time I watch you i head right out to get more stuff to juice.
I would love a suggested juicing schedule for a wk maybe 2 time a day.
with different juices each day/slightly different to mix it up.
so I can just get all the items at the store and juice them by the listed each day. Sorry we are all looking for non thinking "just tell me what to juice" and I will do it.
Sad I know!
thanks again. You are great!


That is awesome! Way to be a rockstar. Seriously 🙂
See you next weekend Kathy


Hi Drew,

Your weekend message is quite inspiring. I have recently (since march) developed taste disorder and can not sense any salt, sugar and doctor can not find out the reason either. I have decided to try your 5 day detoxification program to make sure that toxins are eliminated from gut. Does this program help to restore the taste buds back to normal? Any insight would be helpful. As always, I love your education on health and juicing.


Thank you for being apart of our movement 🙂 Yes our program does help eliminate toxins from the gut and over all vitality. Click here for more information http://goo.gl/CKnOpR


Hey Drew, love your Saturday Strategy. I have been juicing, using coconut oil, olive oil, blue berries etc...for about 10 years. I'm allergic to certain fruits. Watermelon is a big one for me (30 min from dying). I'm allergic to all kinds of food, creams etc...Metals. Last year It was discovered (Jan2012) I had a thymoma (almond sized and very rare) tumor behind my sternum. It was benign but it was recommended by the Dr. to remove it as soon as I could. My surgery was April 11th and up in till that day it was benign. Four hours in surgery to remove a chicken breast sized tumor with fingers; starting to wrap around major organs. Dr. told my family any longer under, and they would possibly lose me. I was in the hospital for 3 days instead of 5. One month later I went through radiation. They wanted me to take lots of IBPF. I saw where Paula Abdul juiced for her pain and inflammation instead of taking the IBPF. I went through the Radiation treatments like a breeze. They told me I would more likely have depression, and other side effects. I didn't have anything to get in the way of my recovery. This June I went to the E.R. with A-fib., also had a trigger moment when I was following my daughter and A friend riding the STP in July. That really ripped my soul. My Dr. asked me if I had a broken heart, um no. I had a saliva test done. It showed my adrenal glands have stopped working, cortisol levels are high, estrogen is high. Progesterone is low. I am taking a vitamin compound Dhea, progesterone, and taking Tranquil sleep from the natural market. I need sleep. The saliva test result states that I have unresolved emotional, mental state (broken heart). Thirty-two years. I have a Jack-o-lane juicer, it is to cumbersome to clean all the time, do you have any suggestions for a different type of juicer?


That is a powerful story Vivian. Thank you for sharing. I am a huge fan of the Jay Kordich powergrind Pro. It is amazing and easy to clean. goo.gl/mulHeD


It looks like the company he and his wife indorses has closed their doors. The web page states they are looking another Co., to endorse Thanks for your reply.


Drew, thank you for all the great info you share. After two strokes by the age of 40 and a lifetime of chronic illness I have looked for ways to reverse my health decline and regain a higher quality of life. I truly believe after all my research that nutrition is the key and juicing possibly the tool to make that turn. I would really appreciate winning that juicer that I couldn't afford otherwise. I plan to start juicing with or without a new juicer using your Alpha Reset. I look forward to more great info coming from you and any suggestions for someone starting juicing that is fighting residual obstacles from stroke such as left arm paralysis and limited financial resources.


Thank you for sharing your story with us. That is amazing. Good luck on winning!


Love this weeks Saturday strategy, they are always motivational and information! I have gone through the alpha reset several times and love the way I feel during and after the cleanse. My juicer (Jack Lalane), is currently not functional so I have been missing out on juicing for the past few months. I also struggle with acne which has made a return since I haven't been able to juice. I cant wait to start juicing again, winning a juicer would be a blessing because I never "win" anything! Lol 🙂


Thank you so much for watching. You rock

Amparo del Aguila

thank you for all the great information. I apply many of your advice to my diet. All I need now is a juicer. Do you have any advice for just using a blender?


Check out our Facebook page for more information on blending along with recipes


hahaha i want to start juicing for myself and for my parents who has diabetes and thyroid problems but unfortunately we cant squeeze in buying a juicer! pathetic hahaha.. but still thankful that i get to watch and read testimonials and recipes and you encouraging and helping people.thanks:)


Anytime Jane 🙂


I've been reading a lot lately about juicing but have yet to try it. The main reason I want to begin juicing is because I weigh about twice what I should. Along with all that extra weight comes other health issues; both physical and emotional. Pain, fatigue, hormone imbalance plus a multitude of other problems are an everday issue that take away from any type of quality life. With all I've been learning about juicing it seems to actually be just the diet/lifestyle change that would make the difference I need to save my life. I've been gathering recipes and ideas about juicing from you and other resources so now to just get juicing!


I hope you are convinced to start your journey today. I know you can make the change Tara. Juicing is more than juice a healthy habit, it is a sustainable lifestyle that will open up so much more in life than you think
Click here to get started http://goo.gl/hOi0CU

Carol Riggs Heyen

I have so many instances of cancer in my family, each person died of something different, each one rare. I really need to start juicing to try to do everything i can to prevent getting cancer myself, so i can be here for my family. I need to win this juicer!




Drew I would like to know what works with thyroidism. I have been struggling with my weight loss for years since the birth of my son (20 years ago). I have never been able to loose a signficant amount and keep it off. I fluctuate between 250 and 230 never being able to go below that. It is very frustrating. I exercise daily, swim, you name it. I think I need to be on a juice regimen to reset my parathyroid and get me on the right path. I don't eat a lot and I think that also contributes to my weight gain as I am now afraid to eat. Any help would be welcomed.


I hope you don't think that this is going to run your life forever, This is only a middle hurdle in your life. Please check out our membership site. We do have programs for thyroid conditions http://fitlife.tv/member/

Grace Camacho Felizardo

I am 44 years old. Last month, I
suddenly woke up feeling weak and having headache but without fever. I thought
I just had the flu virus, so I rested. What's puzzling is, it lasted for almost
a month! I had blood tests done - sugar, potassium, calcium, creatinine, even
thyroid tests, but everything turned out normal. Now the weakness is gone, and
my doctor advised me to regulate and work at getting good night sleep. For years
I have been having difficulty maintaining sleep. Now I read juicing can give me
REM sleep! Wow! Please tell me more!


That is awesome! What a great story. I am so happy for you. Keep juicing!


Breaking habits to start juicing is difficult. Unless you're close to a medical emergency, people start detoxes and fail to complete the full detox or change their habits. Please offer a few suggestions in one of your upcoming videos. Thanks for sharing this wonderful healing information.


I agree. I appreciate your support for our movement.


Love these tips. I need that juicer so badly. I currently use a hand juicer and it's a massive pain in the arse (elbow). A couple of friends of mine have recently started running yoga classes and provide raw nutritious food as part of their service and want me to help them with the raw food side of things. My idea is to run a juice bar providing macro balanced smoothies and green juices, the hand juicer isn't going to hold it. The power juicer is perfect for what we need and will really help us to introduce an entire town full of people to the benefits of juicing :).


what a great plan. Thank you for sharing that.


Drew I've tried almost every diet known to man.(or woman). I finally had a surgery that put a band around my stomach... I lost a great amount of weight but its slowly creeping back... I need Help with this. I currently juice my dinner meal ...what is the best schedule for juicing...


Terry thank you for sharing your story. Everyone's juicing journey is different. I highly suggest that you reach out to one of our coaches to help you get started Coach ([email protected]) or Coach Mae ([email protected] ) I know you can do this 🙂


What is the best way to set up your refrigerator for keeping the vegetables the
freshest, I keep getting wilted vegies and wonder if it’s too cold, maybe I should
separate the leafy veggies and move them to a different location in the fridge.


Check out our Saturday Strategy with the Berry Breeze. It will give you a ton of storage info so that your veggies don't wilt. Have an awesome day!


Great info. I'm currently battling sugar cravings. It would be awesome to get that under control. I would also love to have brighter skin.


Thank you LaKesha. I highly suggest that you try out the Beta Breakthrough! It crushes sugar tastes and many people have found so much success physically and mentally with the protocol. check it out here http://goo.gl/8XHs5Y


COOL! I took a look and it seems very promising. I think I may try it once I purchase a new juicer. Thanks!


Hey Drew!! Thanks for the great tips!! I love juicing and all of the health benefits I receive from it. I even lost 30 lbs this year juicing!! But my biggest challenge has been how TIME CONSUMING juicing has become for me. It's a major deterrent, and as much as I want to continue juicing, I eventually stop because I just don't have the time or energy to spend on juicing during the week....Seriously! It usually takes me at least 2 hours for my juicing process. I have to wash all my fruits & veggies (scrub cleaning), cut & peel (organic & non organic), separating for different juicing recipes, actual juicing, clean up what I didn't use, discard waste and finally cleaning the juicer. See!! that was even a lot to type. I need a better process Drew. PLEASE HELP!!!


Wow that is an amazing testimonial! Congrats 🙂 That is a ton of time toward juice prep. I will be sure to make a video on that soon


Hi Drew! Thank you for you enthusiastic approach to helping others! I've tried to make some changes in my life to lose weight but nothing has worked thus far. I've got to do something for the sake of my health! My life depends on it! My daughter turned me on to your program and I have been reading with great interest. I don't have a juicer yet, so I have been trying some of the store-bought juices. So far I have not seen any physical improvements, but I do feel better. Again - thank you for everything you do!


Lynn thank you for sharing your story with us. I really do appreciate you wanting to create a change. Check out our membership website to help you get to the next level. http://fitlife.tv/member/


Hi Drew, I have uncomfortable, terrible, stinky gas!!! I just got a cold press juicer and am excited to start using it!!! PLEASE, help my gut!!!

Bobbie Jo Andersen

Oh my gosh this is what I totally needed. I crave sugar really bad. I have been trying to lose more weight and I don't sleep very well. I have decided to to the Alpha restart. I am ready to feel better. Thanks for the info. 🙂


what is the best juice for enery


Drew! Thank you so much! I really needed these tips! I'm serious about transforming my life! It's very hard to get in a workout because of my 4 month old. So with these tips I know I shed pounds! Can you PLEASE post a video about hair loss and healthy skin! I have acne at the age of 31 and my hair is starting to fall out! Also please post one for hyperthyroidism! Thank you for your weekly blogs!


Great info.and pep talk to keep up my juicing. I've been juicing for several months at least one meal per day, and I've lost 30 lbs, but its been very slow going, and now I seem to have reached a plateau where I'm not losing anymore. I've never done the juice fasting or cleanse, so am wondering if that would jump start the weight loss again. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help

Michelle A. Resurreccion

Hi Drew, i tried the five green smoothie but after i drink it, i got Headache and my neck also in pain..what do u think is the best smoothie for me? thanks in advance for your help.

Bernarda Valenčič

My husband and I have now completed your The BetaBreakThrough Program and will due to health reasons continue for another 14 days. My husband has lost 18 Pounds and I 14 Pounds. We are filling great. Just juicing with my old juicer make me crazy, it take me about 3 hours daily. We would like to continue juicing as a part of our long-term diet. So I would be very very happy if I could have a new effective juicer. Thank you for all information you shared with us.


Hi Drew and the rest of the crew,

I have been recently introduced to your site and I am amazed as to what juicing can do, but I am nervous to make a large investment in a quality juicer.
I just recently turned 35 and spent my 35th birthday at an endocrinologist going over some pretty scary stuff. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves disease, also an insulin resistance. I really want to change the quality of my life. I need to get all of these toxins out of my system and retrain my taste buds. Which juicing recipe would you recommend to start with? And what kind of juicer would you recommend on a limited budget?


Hi Drew, would love the opportunity to be considered for the juicer. I've juiced in the past and know the power it possesses to transform body, mind and spirit. Everyday, I start my day with coffee with cream and know that that's not the best thing to first hit my stomach. I have type 2 diabetes, am considerably overweight, have all kinds of back issues and am in need of a overhaul. I listen to all your Saturday Strategy videos and always want to start the week with your advice in hand, I'm on disability and can't afford a juicer, if you could help, it would be a real blessing.


Drew I love watching your videos. I don't need a Juicer I have a very good one, I also have a vita mix, I've been doing smoothies and have done juicing, but still have my craving really bad. I have diabetes controlled by diet, and have high blood pressure and also have high cholesterol but my cholesterol has been coming down and Also had a good reading on my A1C test and said it was down to non diabetic. I have such a bad craving for sweets and think I am going to stop having them and still keep sabotaging what I am doing. I get good sleep I also use a Cpap. I am under a lot of stress much of the time. I was wandering once I Juice will I have to have a problem if I go back to smoothies or do I need to keep on doing juicing. I've put on 12 pounds since September and it really bothers me a lot, I need help I also find doing juicing and smoothies I have a hard time not falling back into the same old habits. Help. Thank You.


Your Saturday Strategies are super informative. You have inspired my 25 year old son and he is transforming the household. He religiously juices everyday and lets me try his concoctions. I will ask him to post some of his own recipes. Over the past 3-4 months my kitchen has been a juicing mecca. I take the refuse and compost it so nothing is wasted. The biggest challenge is getting other members of the family to make juicing a routine part of the diet. My inexpensive juicer is put to the test everyday. Can't afford a really good one right now, but I know the life expectancy of the one I have is probably short.


Hi Drew! What an inspiration you are....I just received my health coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I am about to purchase my first juicer!!!!! My goal of to transform as many people (friends, family......ANYONE) as possible to juicing and being healthy!:-)


Well you have succeeded in inspiring me again.... I had fallen off the juice wagon a little. I let little lies about food creep in until they took over. I want to start back juicing. Listening to this taught me even more. I really want to help a friend out because I know this could change their life. They are more then 100 pounds over weight and I would love to bless them with a juicer to begin this journey. The part that touched me the most was the realization that lack of nutrients presents itself in ways we may not have known and when you said something about hair falling out it lit a fire under me. Her hair as been falling out since dieting to lose weight and I want that to stop for her. I think juicing will be the best way to help her feed her cells properly. If I was to win the juicer I could bless my friend with a juicer and teach her how to do it. Keep it up Drew you are changing lives FOR SURE!!!!


Hey Drew! Unlike most of the people on the thread here, I am having a problem with gaining weight because I am naturally skinny. After watching your videos and following your program "Get Juiced!", I started juicing and noticed the following changes: Every morning when I go to my college classes, I am no longer need the cup of double shot espresso to give me energy for the day. In addition, I feel that I am sleeping better and also absorbing nutrients better, which is essential for gaining muscle. Later on, I would definitely try to invest in a more powerful juicer so that I can get other floor mates in my residence hall to start juicing too! ~ Alec

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-Lynne, Longwood FL

I started with Fitlife back in 2011-2012…I wrote into Fitlife asking for an extreme amount of help. I was 300 pounds, with high cholesterol, and Drew helped me transform my life. I lost over 130 pounds and I no longer have high cholesterol. Not only did I lose weight, so did my husband, who lost over 70 pounds!

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