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By Toni Cummings

Do you ever feel that there is something going on in your body, but you just can’t seem to figure out what it is?

Do you ever suddenly feel annoyed with someone, simply because they breathed in your space?

Like many Americans, you may have felt this way for years and didn’t know why. Maybe you thought it was just your fiery personality and nothing could be done to improve it.

Well, the good news is that it may actually be something that can be turned around – quickly, inexpensively and without a perscription.

I am talking about Adaptogens.

Adaptogens are an amazing way to control everything from mood swings, to a low libido, even a good nights sleep. So why don’t more people know about them?

These super-herbs are not a typical part of the American mainstream culture. However, some of these amazing adaptogens have been used in other cultures for thousands of years.

Adaptogens adapt to what your body needs to make itself stronger and healthier. Each can be used by men and women alike and have little to no side effects. Three of my favorites listed below are very similar in that they provide energy during the day as well as a good nights sleep, but each has it’s own uniqueness as well.

Because it’s the month of love, why not love yourself a little more (and those around you too) and give one of these goodies a try? The ones I have listed are a big hit at my house.

1. MACA – also known as Peruvian Ginseng, is from the Andean and Peruvian Mountains.


Maca comes in different forms, such as a root, pill, or powder and can be used in smoothies, mixed with liquid to drink as a tea, or a pill in a premeasured amount. You can also bake with Maca.

Maca nourishes the endocrine system, supporting the adrenal glands, hormones and thyroid; it works with the brain and pituitary glands; and helps with stress.

Maca can be used for Andropause, commonly known as male menopause, which is usually treated with testosterone. Maca can also increase libidio, as well as improve sperm count. Women may find relief from mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. And you can enjoy an increased sense of focus.

I have been a long time user of Maca and have noticed recently the price has more than doubled, so I’m not the only one loving this Peruvian root miracle!

2. Ashwagandha – also known as Indian Ginseng, or Wild Cherry. This Adaptogen has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for nearly 3,000 years.

Like Maca, you can find this in pill and powder form and it’s a great addition to smoothies, or enjoyed as a tea.


Ashwagandha is considered a grounding herb, helping to stabilize your moods, which may help with depression and stress.

The list of benefits for this amazing super-herb also include: physical and mental health, greater memory and brain function, improves energy and male libido. It may help to reduce inflammation in the body and has anti-aging effects. Many Ayurvedic Practitioners use Ashwagandha to help with chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, sleep… the list goes on and on. Ashwagandha is a slow acting herb, so people tend to see great changes over time.

It can also help to warm your body. I drink it on a cold night or morning and it helps me warm up.

3. Shatavari, or Indian Asparagus – The  translation means, “She of 100 Husbands”. It is also known as “Ayurveda’s gift for women”, or “The Queen of Herbs.”

Ladies, this is the one you and I can really benefit from!


Shatavari, unlike Ashwagandha, is a cooling herb. I like to take this during the summer months when I feel overheated, especially at night before bed.

This helps with fertility, balance of female hormones, PMS, menopausal symptoms such as: hot flashes, night sweats, stress and the dreaded dry lady parts.

Your man can also benefit from Shatavari, as it can be used for male libido, sexual debility and is an aphrodisiac for men and women!

Shatavari has been shown to build immunity, digestion, as well promote longevity, intellect and physical strength.

Shatavari can be mixed with oil or ghee and used as a massage oil for certain ailments, like nerve or joint pain.

The side effects that have been reported are weight gain and flatulence.

I take this several times a week as a tea with no problem, but as we all know, neither of those possible side effects are exactly pleasant, so start with a small dose to see how your body reacts.

Remember, you have to love yourself before you can love others. Adaptogens are a tool that you can use to be able to get yourself on the right track. Allotting yourself the appropriate amount of sleeping hours, as well as eating properly and staying hydrated are all a part of you being a beautiful, happy and healthy person as well.

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Toni Cummings

Toni Cummings

wife, mother, nana, avid NHRA Drag Racing Fan (Go Robert Hight) and an AADP Board Certified Health Coach. at Toni Cummings Health Coach
Toni Cummings is a wife, mother, nana, avid NHRA Drag Racing Fan (Go Robert Hight) and an AADP Board Certified Health Coach.

Toni is fascinated by food - the energy that food has and the good as well as the bad that it can bring to our bodies. Through her own search to find the best foods to balance her body and hormones, she found her true calling and sharing the knowledge she’s gained has become her passion.
Toni Cummings


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