3 “Healthy” Foods Wrecking Havoc On Your Hormones

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3 “Healthy” Foods Wrecking Havoc On Your


Your hormones are working around the clock to regulate your moods, appetite, movement, sex drive, sleep, digestion, immunity, stress levels, growth and much more!

Keeping your hormones happy means keeping YOU happy.

Unfortunately, there are a host of things in modern society that have it in for your hormones.

So if you’re feeling out of whack, or like you just can’t get on top of your health goals, try removing these three foods out of your life:


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Soy is an extremely common ingredient in processed foods and also in meat via the food farmers feed their livestock. It is one of the most likely foods in the U.S. to be genetically modified.

The biggest issue with soy is that it is acts as an estrogen mimicker in the body, meaning it can sit on estrogen receptor sites and block actual estrogen from doing its job. Not only that, but as the word “mimicker” probably sounds – it mimics estrogen in the body, which can be cause for estrogen dominance (ratio of estrogen to progesterone) – this is extremely common, especially in the U.S.

Because of this, soy has been linked to infertility, mood swings and sexual dysfunction.

Industrial Seed Oils

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Industrial seed oils (canola, corn, cottonseed, soybean, vegetable, safflower) are often found in restaurants and many kitchens. These oils are packed with trans fats and cause inflammation and stress in the body. Growing research suggest that they also trigger hormonal imbalance, not to mention they leave you feeling bloated, tired and moody.

In reality, our bodies are not made to consume and/or process these oils. Which is why they leave us feeling yucky and throw our hormones off kilter.

Breakfast Cereal


Sadly, this breakfast staple is most often packed with sugar, salt, artificial colors and flavorings, gluten and other unfavorable ingredients that undermine your health and wellness. Cereal spikes your blood sugar which  damage cells and causes aging in your joints, skin, organs and brain.

A regular cereal habit generally leads to hormone struggles, gut damage and inflammation, cravings and nutrient malabsorption.


Luckily there are plenty of healthy alternatives to these foods that will help balance your hormones and increase overall wellness. Focus your diet around whole fruits and vegetables, organic grass-fed meats and eggs, raw nuts and seeds and probiotic-rich foods.

Check out some of our favorite recipes on the blog for some inspiration!

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