3 FREE and EASY Tips for Better Digestion


By Cindy Santa Ana

Do you suffer from low immunity, joint pain, brain fog, mood issues, cravings, or an autoimmune disease? All of these health issues are related to poor gut function, where roughly 70% of your immune system resides!

Great health begins in the digestive tract. You can be eating all organic foods, leafy greens and pastured meats, but if your digestive system isn’t able to fully digest,, assimilate and excrete your meals and absorb the nutrients properly, you won’t even come close to reaching your full potential.

Our digestive systems are working overtime to break down food into building blocks for energy and at the same time, turn some of it into various substances that participate in every chemical reaction in our bodies. We need our digestive systems to be functioning at a very high level. You can take digestive aids and enzymes, but I recommend trying these tips first. You can try these strategies at your very next meal to improve your digestion today!

Digestion Tip #1: Relax.

When you are stressed, you are in a state of fight-or-flight and all of your energy is directed to your arms and legs for fleeing a particular situation. But, when you are relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system switches on and is completely focused on digestion. The point is, if you’re eating under stress, your digestion can be compromised. Remember, rest in order to digest.

Digestion Tip #2: Take more time for your meal.


Eating too much food in a short amount of time can stress the body. Proper digestion requires a slow, spaced out meal. Take time to enjoy your meal and savor each bite. Stop when you begin to feel full, not when you’ve already reached your max limit.

Digestion Tip #3: Chew.

Digestion starts even before the first bite is taken. Salivary enzymes start to flow when we smell food. This allows us to break down food into the tiniest form and allows for better digestion. Chew and then chew some more until the food in your mouth is totally liquidated.

Seriously, give these tips a try at your next meal and see if they change your digestive power. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Cindy Santa Ana
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Cindy Santa Ana

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Unlock Better Health
Cindy Santa Ana is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in weight loss, clean eating transformations and thyroid disease. She works with clients to help them reach their ideal weight, increase their energy, and live a healthy balanced lifestyle, while juggling their career and personal life.
Cindy Santa Ana
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