20 Ways To Increase Your Energy



By Brandon Epstein

Do you want more energy? Most of us do! Well, my friend… look no further than Vitamin B6.

This vitamin has been linked to improving everything from your energy, to your mood, to your brain health, to your cardiovascular health and more.

So who specifically needs to be working more vitamin B6 into their diet?

People who suffer from…

Disclaimer: To get the full benefits of Vitamin B6 you must consume it in conjunction with a healthy whole food diet. It is also very important to have balanced gut health if you expect to properly assimilate the vitamin.

If you qualify as someone who could use some extra B6 in your life here are a list of the 20 best ways to get your fix.


1. Banana
2. Grass fed beef
3. Salmon
4. Chicken Breast
5. Turkey
6. Sweet potato
7. Wild caught tuna
8. Spinach
9. Hazelnuts
10. Garlic
11. Sunflower Seeds
12. Pistachios
13. Prunes
14. Lean Pork
15. Avocados
16. Chickpeas
17. Lentils
18. Kidney Beans
19. Soybeans
20. Cashews

Consume 2-3 servings of these foods a day and you should be able to get your B6 levels up in no time.

Here are some recipes to try to help make this a little easier and more enjoyable as you get comfortable adding this super important vitamin into your daily routine!

1. The Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie – You will get 2x the B6 with the sweet potatoes and bananas in this recipe.

2. Mustard Crusted Salmon with Brussels Sprouts – All the B6 you will need for the day can be found in a nice hefty serving of salmon.

3. Almond Spinach Salad – Get your dose of B6 rich spinach in this delicious recipe.

4. Rosemary Garlic Lentils  – Here is a mouth watering recipe full of B6 rich lentils.

Action item: Throw a few of these foods on your grocery list for the next time you go shopping. Make a note to do it right now. At fitlife we are all about helping you take action to live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Change starts here.


Brandon Epstein

Brandon Epstein

Fat Loss Coach at ZenDudeFitness.com
Brandon Epstein is a former college football player, turned professional fitness model and serial entrepreneur. These days he spends his time helping people look great and feel awesome over at ZenDudeFitness.com. He can also be found hosting the Zen Dude Fitness Podcast where he’s always looking for new ways to make fat loss fun, simple and efficient for everybody.
Brandon Epstein

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