14 Incredible One Pot Vegan Dinners – Perfect For Meatless Monday


Written by: Joanne Beccarelli

As people try to cut back on meat for their health, environmental reasons and animal advocacy, meatless eating is taking hold not just on Mondays, but also in other lifestyle ways, such as NY Times journalist, Mark Bittman’sVegan Before 6” movement and is presented in movies such as Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation, to name only a few.

Most common though are meatless Mondays, but this is not a new idea. It has been around since World War I and was again embraced during World War II when families tried to help conserve on key staples during war time. Then in 2003, Meatless Monday was reintroduced as a public health campaign and has since grown into a worldwide movement.

Whether you are cutting back on animal foods daily, weekly or for good, one of the most challenging parts of the change is relearning how to approach meals and dinner, in particular. While omnivores typically approach a dinner thinking about meat proteins and then sides, plant-based eaters think more holistically about including proteins from plants (yes, there is protein in plants!) and focus on flavor from herbs and spices.

There is a ton to eat in the whole food plant-based world and once you adjust to how you approach dinner, making plant-based meals can become a lot easier. At the top of that list is the one pot meal that follows a flavor profile while also including all the nutritional components you need.

Try these one pot dinners to experience for yourself how easy transitioning can be!

Each recipe comes from an expert in the plant-based eating world and will lead you to many more delicious alternatives.

#1. Oh She Glows – Naughty and Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole

1#2. Thug Kitchen – Hoppin John  


#3. Happy Herbivore AbroadThai Pineapple Curry


#4. Kris Carr – Roasted Butternut Alfredo


#5. One Green Planet – Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili


#6. Love & Lemons – Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

6#7. The Kitchn – Curried Vegetable and Chickpea Stew  


#8. Candle 79 (via Veganista) – Paella



#9. Coconut & Berries – Maple Orange Roasted Chick Peas & Carrots



#10. Minimalist Baker – Vegan Pot Pie

10#11. It’s All GoodRisotto with Peas and Greens


#12. Moosewood Restaurant FavoritesPortuguese Kale and White Bean Soup

12#13. Vegetarian Times – Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Pie

13#14. Isa Does It, Post Punk Kitchen – Seitan Porcini Stew



Joanne Beccarelli
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Joanne Beccarelli

Holistic Health Coach, Juicing Junkie and Writer at GLAD for Health
Joanne Beccarelli is a holistic health coach, juicing junkie, writer, soon to be cookbook author and recovered emotional eater. Inspired by many great voices in the health-thru-food revolution, Joanne found her way out of hiding in shame (losing almost 100 lbs in the process) and stepped away from the corporate world. She now dedicates every day to helping others who are overwhelmed, overworked, and overstressed, find awareness, fulfilment and better health.

Joanne has a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell/T. Colin Campbell Foundation, and became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is also a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC).
Joanne Beccarelli
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