12 Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar Will Revolutionize Your Health


Article source: Natural Cures not Medicine

Do you use apple cider vinegar?

A story of a woman who had been suffering with eczema her whole life was able to suddenly cure her eczema naturally using apple cider vinegar (ACV). This is truly an inspiring story of a young girl who skin would blister into painful, itchy rashes which she would treat with doctor prescribed and recommended steroid creams. Over the years the cream stopped working and she was left to suffer. It deeply affected her quality of life. After doing some research, she came across people`s personal stories about how they cured their eczema and psoriasis with a simple solution of ACV. She decided she had nothing to lose and went for it. She diluted few table spoons of ACV with room temperature water in a spray bottle and sprayed her affected areas. Apart from the stinging sensation which went away after a few seconds the results were amazing. In only a FEW DAYS, her eczema break-out had completely vanished. This cheap, organic, 1 ingredient remedy had done what no medicated cream could do in all these years! To make Real organic apple cider vinegar you need to ferment pressed apple juice until the sugars turn to vinegar. The secret is that it should be made from organic apples, be unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized to keep the ‘mother’ intact. Filtered and pasteurized vinegars will not have this and lack the enzymes and other nutritional properties in raw ACV that have such a positive effect on the digestive process.

Here are 12 reasons why you should be reaching for the bottle

1. Improved Digestion

Drinking apple cider vinegar in water can help to naturally improve your digestion. All you need is a tablespoon of ACV in a big glass of water, drink it about 15 minutes before a meal and it will stimulate digestive juices for better breakdown of your food. Real apple cider vinegar contains valuable minerals and trace elements, LDL cholesterol lowering pectin, fat burning acetic acid, anti-viral malic acid, live enzymes, amino acids and many other beneficial nutrients.

2. Heartburn, Intestinal Problems and Constipation

If you take regular apple cider vinegar in water it is said to help correct low stomach acid conditions that leads to heartburn. Always dilute it well as ACV is very strong and could be too powerful for heartburn sufferers. If you have an ulcer please use with care. Apple pectin fiber which is found in the mother of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, soothes the entire gastrointestinal tract, helping to prevent stomach cramps, bloating and gas. If you are suffering from occasional constipation then apple cider vinegar can also be useful as a mild laxative to stimulate peristalsis. It will not work if you are already regular.

3. Prevent Candida and Normalize Intestinal Bacteria

ACV is full of beneficial acids such as acetic acid and malic acid, which have antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. These acids help control the spread of the candida fungus in your intestines, a common debilitating problem with many people’s high sugar diets.

4. Strengthen Your Immune System

by taking ACV in water every day it will improve the conditions for the growth of friendly bacteria in you intestines and will help improve your overall immunity. Also raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is said to benefit your lymphatic system, it does this by helping to cleanse lymph nodes and break up mucus in the body. Over time this can relieve sinus congestion, reduce colds and alleviate allergies.

5. Regulate Blood Sugar and Aid in Diabetes

Apple cider vinegar is full of acetic acid this is said to slow down the digestion of simple carbohydrates. This helps to regulate blood sugar levels from the short highs and longer lows of a high carb diet. The anti-glycemic effect of ACV has been proven in several studies, including this one that concluded, “vinegar can significantly improve post-prandial insulin and sensitivity in insulin resistant subjects…thus, vinegar may possess physiological effects similar to acarbose or metformin (anti-diabetic drugs). Further investigations to examine the efficacy of vinegar as an antidiabetic therapy are warranted.”

6. High Blood Pressure

Some animal studies have shown that apple cider vinegar may lower high blood pressure. It is possible that ACV increases nitric oxide production which helps relax blood vessels. Another possible theory is that by taking it regularly it could have a general beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system which results in a natural lowering of high blood pressure.

7. Detoxification

Apple cider vinegar is widely used in detoxification. Apart from all the other body cleansing benefits listed above, drinking diluted raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is believed to help detoxify and cleanse your liver. You can simply detox by having 1 tablespoon of ACV in a large glass of water before each meal each day. You can gradually increase this over time.

8. Weight Loss

ACV has acetic acid which has been proven in studies to prevent the accumulation of body fat and liver lipids. Its pectin content is also thought to slightly reduce your body’s ability to absorb fat. Once again, 1 tablespoon in a large glass of water before each meal is the recommended dosage.

9. Bad Breath

The natural acids in real apple cider vinegar, like acetic and malic acid, can reduce the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. To use ACV for halitosis you would make it stronger. Add 1 tablespoon to a third of a cup of water and gargle it for around 20 seconds to minimize bad breath.

10. Skin Benefits

ACV can also help balances your skin’s pH levels. When used internally and externally regularly it is a great natural remedy to treat dermatological conditions like acne.

11. Leg Cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome

Sipping on an apple cider vinegar drink can increase low potassium levels in your body, a suspect in nighttime leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.

12. Stamina and Energy

Its hard to measure subjectively improved stamina and energy but raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has been considered a general health tonic for a long time. It has been reported that when drinking it daily it can provide the drinker with more energy and greater stamina. That said it may also have something to do with all the other health benefits already listed. Although it is an acidic outside the body, ACV, like lemon water, is recognized as a premier alkalizing drink and has been reported to aid in recovering from a wide range of health conditions and diseases.

Source: realfarmacy.com

Article source: Natural Cures not Medicine
Image source: Acne Einstein

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-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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