10 Tips to Get Un-Stuck and Lose Weight

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By Cassie Zeider 

You’ve been working hard this year.

And it’s been awesome! At first you saw some results and started feeling good about yourself and then BAM – nothing. Let’s take a look at why you hit that wall and how to overcome it.

Weight loss plateaus are inevitable at one time or another. As humans, we naturally like routines. Once you establish a routine, it’s hard to want to change willingly. The dreaded plateau happens in nutrition and fitness quite frequently, but that shouldn’t be the reason you throw in the towel.

A plateau is defined when you are not seeing results week by week. They can be caused by not eating enough calories over a long period of time, needing to adjust your calorie intake, or even needing to switch up a workout routine that you’ve been doing for more than 90 days.

Here are my top 10 tips to overcoming a weight loss plateau so you can get the body – and health – you want and deserve!

1. Be sure you’re seeing through the cracks – Which means you are reading the labels, tracking everything you put in your mouth and making sure there aren’t things you were “getting away with” when you first started that you have to be stricter about now.

2. Drink plenty of water – This sounds easy and so many people say, “I drink so much water.” The key here is consistency. You have to drink half your bodyweight in ounces a day… everyday, sometimes more when working out and sweating profusely.

3. Switch up your workout routine – If you’re just doing cardio, add weights. If you’re just doing weights, add cardio. Balance, my friend, is your goal.

4. Get enough sleep – Your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep a night. If you have a crazy schedule and you’re not sleeping as much as you’re used to, that could be throwing you off. Sleep is essential for your body’s systems to function properly.

5. Zig zag your calorie intake – Not always the case, but your body might need more calories to recover from an intense workout routine. Try upping your calories for a few days and then dropping it back down – giving your body a shock. Sounds crazy, but this could boost you past a dreaded plateau.

6. Grab some almonds for a snack – Almonds are full of fiber, fatty acids, and protein. Studies have shown just how beneficial snacking on these can be. You may need some extra healthy fats in your diet – Try to keep it around 3 ounces, or a palm full a day.

7. Quiet time – Stress is a HUGE proponent to weight loss. When we are stressed out, our bodies are producing more of the “fight or flight” hormone, cortisol. When too much cortisol is being produced, it doesn’t allow other necessary hormones to be produced and will hinder your body from being able to function properly. Some great quiet time activities include meditation, prayer, yoga and a warm bubble bath.

8. Hold off on the booze – Yep, I said it. When we consume alcohol, our bodies stop digesting until the alcohol is out of our system. What does that mean? When you drink a ton of alcohol before or after you eat food, the food is more likely to be stored as fat and you are more likely to have to work harder to burn it off. If you have a goal, hold off on the alcohol for a while. I promise it won’t kill you.

9. Your hormones could be off balance – Unfortunately, you would need to get a  medical test to know this for sure. Two of the most common hormones to be unbalanced are adrenals and testosterone.

10. Don’t give up – Really, it’s that simple. Giving up and not trying to change things up is the ONLY way you can fail at weight loss or reaching your goals in life. Consult an expert or an online coach (like myself) for some extra accountability and support.

Weight loss is such a daunting task at times and plateaus certainly don’t make it easier for you to want to put in the effort. One thing to remember while you are on your journey is that anything worth doing is never easy. But regardless of the effort it takes, knowing you’re worth it makes all the difference!

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Cassie Zeider

Cassie Zeider

Certified Health Coach at Cassie Zeider
Cassie Zeider is a Certified Health Coach, Mother, Daughter and Friend. She is passionate about food and how it relates to the body. Weight loss, digestion and hormones are her favorite topics, but she loves stress release as well. She focuses on a whole body approach to health.
Cassie Zeider


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