10 Tips for Anxiety-Induced Insomnia


By Amanda Wilson

It’s 3 a.m. You are staring at the ceiling. Streams of irrational thoughts are running through your head, “I think my husband is having an affair with that gal from the cleaners” – He’s not – “I think I gained 10 pounds because I missed spin class tonight” – You didn’t.

Much less, your head might be constantly spinning with the calculations of how much sleep you are NOT getting, “Ah! Even if I go to sleep right now, I will only get 3 hours of sleep AND I will give a horrible presentation tomorrow AND THEN I will get fired AND THEN I will end up homeless!”  

Sound familiar?  Have you had a few of those nights?  I’m pretty sure I was the Heavyweight Champion for “those nights” for nearly two decades.

Not anymore.

I relinquished my title a few years ago and I want to share with you just how I did so!

Here are my 10 tips to beat Anxiety-Induced Insomnia:

1. Cut out or limit the booze – Many of us think a glass of wine after work will take the edge off and help us sleep. It’s actually quite the opposite.  You may feel a little euphoric for an hour or two, but alcohol affects your sleep patterns and can actually cause anxiety.

2. Abandon the iPad – And the iPhone. And the laptop. And the T.V. The lit screen stimulates your brain and will keep you awake. You can Facebook stalk your ex tomorrow at work. Kidding. 🙂 

3. No working in bed – Bed should only be used for two things – sleeping and relaxing (and personal time of course… I guess that’s three things!). Crunching those quarterly numbers in bed will keep your mind on the hamster wheel it has been running on all day. The work will be there tomorrow when you are fresh and rested.

4. Get some natural vitamin D through sunlight – Get your 15 minutes of sun, preferably first thing in the morning, to promote melatonin production.

5. Take a relaxing bath an hour or two before bed – For an extra boost, add a cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender essential oils. The subsequent drop in body temperature will lead to a deeper sleep.

6. No caffeine after noon – Caffeine is a stimulant and will keep you awake as well as leave you with a lasting, jittery/anxious feeling. Try this instead!

7. Set a bedtime routine Rainman would be proud of – An evening ritual naturally triggers your body to get ready for bed. Eventually, with consistency, this will come really easy to you and you will find yourself falling asleep and waking at the same time each day, without an alarm!

8. Regular exercise increases endorphins – Endorphins increase the feeling of well-being, which will result in reduced anxiety and insomnia. I personally sleep better the nights I practice yoga.

9. Meditate – Meditation quiets the mind and supports deeper sleep. I learned Transcendental Meditation last year and it was a game-changer for my anxiety-induced insomnia.

10. Don’t be a clock-watcher – If you don’t fall asleep within a few minutes, DO NOT just lay there and stare at the clock…  it’s mocking you! Turn a dim light on and do something boring, read something inspiring or write in your journal.

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Amanda Wilson
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Amanda Wilson

Certified Holistic Health Coach at Amanda Wilson Wellness
Amanda Wilson transformed her life and is on a mission to help others do the same.At the age of 40, where so many women begin to see and feel their health diminishing, she reclaimed her health and found her best self. Because of her experiences with poor health, she became obsessed with good health and healing, ultimately becoming her passion.

Amanda now lives an abundant and healthy life with her handsome fireman fiance in Southern California. She enjoys anything outdoors, especially hiking, running, biking, and stair climbing.
Amanda Wilson
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