10 Month Old Baby Empath Cries With Emotion When Mother Sings

Article source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

10 Month Old Baby Empath Cries With Emotion When Mother Sings

Babies don’t just cry when they need their diapers changed or want food.  Apparently, some also cry when their mothers sings heart-wrenching ballads to them.  This little baby girl displays a wide range of saturated emotions as her mother sings “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Rod Stewart.  This is a classic example of an old soul trapped in a little body:

This is one of the most precious videos on the internet right now, but I think it deserves even more attention than it has already gotten.  Why is a 10 month year old baby crying tears of pain, grief, and sorrow to a song that she has built absolutely no memories around?

On The Ellen Show, the mother said that she has sung many many songs to her, and it is only this song that elicits any kind of a reaction.  It’s interesting enough that such a young child can display that kind of emotional maturity, let alone have such a connection with a particular song.  Let’s look at some spirituality-based explanations of what is happening here.

She is an empath

This is a given.  An empath is someone who has the special gift of being able to mentalize and comprehend the emotional and mental states of other people.  They feel other people’s pain and emotions.  While some people have a high degree of sympathy for other people, empathy is much different because empaths are launched into the emotional/energetic space of another person.  When the baby hears her mom singing, she experiences the pain communicated through the vocal tones, the key of the music, and the lyrics.

She is an old soul

Baby, Mother, Sings

An old soul is someone who displays maturity beyond their years.  But it is also someone who has lived many lives here before.  A part that is fascinating is right at the :18 second mark of the video, when the baby begins to realize and recognize the song she is singing, and something within her mind clicks and begins to light up almost as if she is having a moment of nostalgia.

I recently wrote an article summarizing some of the scientific evidence for reincarnation.  Is it possible that this is an old soul who has a personal connection to that song from a previous life?  After all, this is the only song that makes her respond that way.  Does her soul remember that song from a previous life and associate it with personal heartbreak?  Is she re-experiencing pain she may have experienced 10 or 20 years ago while listening to that song?

Whatever the case may be, it’s so moving and interesting to see such a young baby connect so deeply with a piece of music.  Most babies that age are too concerned with sticking Cheerios to their foreheads to worry about romantic classics.

Article source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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