10 Habits That Are Causing Bloating, Acid Reflux And Stomach Aches – Saturday Strategy


10 Habits That Are Causing Bloating, Acid Reflux And Stomach Aches – Saturday Strategy

Your clothes felt great this morning… Now they are tight and uncomfortable. There’s a wrench in your stomach and you don’t know why.

Sound familiar?

Bloating is one of the most common stomach complaints I hear about. According to statistics, about 30% of people experience bloating on a regular basis, but my guess would be that the numbers are actually much higher than that.

Bloating is just gas and excess air that has become trapped in the digestive tract, usually the small intestine, which is where most of the digestion and absorption of nutrients takes place.

bloating, stomach, food

Your digestive system is about 30 feet in length. That’s a lot of intestine for your food to navigate!

After breaking down your food with powerful enzymes, the small intestine absorbs the nutrients and passes them into the bloodstream. But there are some things that can happen during this process that cause uncomfortable air to pump up your gut.

So, why are you bloated, having stomach aches and acid reflux?

There are a ton of factors to consider and surprisingly, many of the culprits are extremely common! Things many people do every single day.

Bloating is a way your body communicates with you that things are not running smoothly inside. A lot of people think regular bloating is normal, but it isn’t.

bloating, stomach, food

#1 Not Eating Enough Fiber

Fiber helps to push things along in your system. When you’re not getting enough, things will move more slowly through the digestive tract and eventually, start piling up like a traffic jam. This will make it harder for air to escape and you will quickly feel bloated after eating a big meal.

According to the CDC, only about 1 in 10 Americans is getting as many fruits and veggies as they should. Some kids are getting not getting anything besides potatoes (often in the form of fries) as their daily vegetable.

If you are eating a diet full of fruits and veggies then you won’t even have to think about how much fiber you’re getting. But if you want to get specific, aim for 25-38 grams of fiber daily.

What foods are highest in fiber? Check out our article on the Top 7 High Fiber Foods You Should Add To Your Diet.

#2 Soda

bloating, stomach, food

All that carbonation in your soda is air being swallowed into your belly. If your digestion is already having a hard time, this air is going to get trapped and make you feel bloated.

Try finding some drinks that are not carbonated that you enjoy. I would highly recommend green juice, like my favorite – Organifi!

#3 Artificial Sweeteners

Artificially sweetened foods and beverages often contain sugar alcohol and this can cause bloating in a lot of people. If you take a look at labels you may be surprised at how much artificial sweetener you are consuming on a daily basis!

Not to mention that artificial sweeteners also cause inflammation in the gut, which leads to digestive issues galore.

Stick to foods that are close to their natural state. Avoid anything artificial if possible and opt for healthy sweeteners like monk fruit extract, raw honey, maple syrup, raw stevia, etc.

#4 Excess Sodium Intake

bloating, stomach, food

Most people are getting a TON of (table) salt because they are eating too many foods that come out of a bag, box or can. These have high salt content a) because it enhances flavor and b) because it makes food last longer.

You shouldn’t be eating more than 1,500-2,300 mg of sodium per day. This is easy to manage if you are eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds (no salt added) and home-cooked meals using REAL food ingredients.

Watch out for culprits like salad dressings, trail mix and premade seasonings. Try to buy spices that have no salt added (you’ll get more bang for your buck!).

#5 Lack Of Probiotics

Most cultures consume fermented foods with their meals, which aids digestion, improves the health of the digestive tract and also reduces symptoms of bloating and digestive discomfort.

Try adding fermented veggies like sauerkraut into your diet. It actually tastes really good when put on a side salad! Other probiotic rich foods include kombucha, miso, kimchi, yogurt and kefir.

Most people also benefit from taking a daily probiotic supplement.

#6 Digestive Disorders

bloating, stomach, food

Frequent, uncomfortable bloating is sometimes a sign of a deeper issue going on in your gut. If you feel like you are eating well but are still experiencing bloating, it could be a sign of a problem like IBS, SIBO or Celiac Disease. Make an appointment with your healthcare professional to be tested for any of these in order to begin treating the root cause vs. the symptoms.

#7 Dehydration

It may seem counterintuitive, but your body will actually HOLD ON to water if you are not drinking enough. This can cause that heavy, waterlogged, fat feeling that just makes you want to put on sweats and stay in for the night.

The solution is easy… simply drink enough water!  A good rule of thumb is aiming for ½ your weight in ounces per day, more if you’re active. Keep in mind that THIRST is a signal that your body is already dehydrated! So sip all day!

At Fitlife we have a little trick: grab a 20oz water bottle and put however many rubber bands are necessary to equal the amount you need to consume daily. Example: you are aiming for 100oz daily. That equals 5 rubber bands (20oz water bottle = 1 rubber band). Each time you finish a bottle, move your rubber band to the top of the bottle.

Also, a lot of people feel extra snacky when they are actually just dehydrated.

Quick Fix For A Bloated Belly

One of my favorite ways to beat the bloat and normalize digestion is juicing!

Here’s a good recipe to kick bloating to the curb!

Banish Bloat Juice Recipe
  • Red cabbage - 1 whole cabbage
  • Cayenne Pepper (spice) - ¼ tsp
  • Cilantro - 1 handful
  • Coconut Water - ½ cup
  • Ginger Root - 1 thumb
  • Lemon - ¼ fruit
  • Lime - ¼ fruit
  • Salt - 1 dash
  1. Feed all ingredients (except salt and cayenne) through the juicer. Pour into a tall glass or jar and then add salt and cayenne. Sip slowly.

If you don’t have time to juice, grab some Organifi and drink up!

Focusing on some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference not only in your belly bloat but also in your overall health.

Remember, we’re in this together.

Drew Canole

Drew Canole

CEO at Fitlife.tv
Drew Canole is a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset, with a huge heart for others and doing his part to transform the world, one person at a time.

As the founder and CEO of Fitlife.TV, he is committed to sharing educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity. He is also a best selling author and the founder of Organifi, an organic, incredibly delicious greens powder, chock-full of superfoods to make juicing easy no matter your busy schedule.
Drew Canole


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