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Lose Those Extra Pounds

drewssexybody (3)Written by: Jeff Taraday

What if you could make one small tweak to your diet that would be virtually unnoticeable, but would save you hundreds of calories per day and thousands of calories per week?

Try eliminating extracted oils from your diet and that’s exactly what could happen.

Sound crazy? Read on, because what I’m about to tell you may just surprise you, improve your health and might even help you shed unwanted fat from your midsection.

BoelterSuperStore-Olive-Oil1Any oil, no matter if it’s cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin, etc., is 100% fat and the most calorically-dense food on the planet. In fact, one tablespoon of oil is over 120 calories! Think about how many times you may have poured oil onto your salads, added oil to your stir-fries or sautéed veggies, or rubbed your roasted vegetables with oil. That’s hundreds of nearly empty calories you might be consuming every day. By eliminating oil, at least for a period of time, think about how many calories you could cut out every week!

There are other health reasons to cut out oil for a while too. There is substantial evidence that consuming oil causes inflammation to and reduces functionality of the endothelial cells in our arteries, which is one of the gateways to cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who has had remarkable success treating heart disease patients with dietary intervention (including former president Bill Clinton) strongly recommends we eliminate oil from our diets. Renowned cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn doesn’t think olive oil is a good source of the essential fats we need and makes the same recommendation. In fact, he says we’d need to consume over 2,000 calories of olive oil to meet our daily omega 3 needs!

But we need fat in our diet, right? Absolutely. We need fat to help our bodies absorb certain nutrients, but if we get the fat we need from a whole food source rather than the extracted oil, we’ll end up maximizing our nutrient uptake while minimizing excess calories. Plus, there might be additional health benefits to getting your fat only from the whole food sources.

A 2011 study compared diets of those who consumed olive oil vs. nuts in their diet, and those who consumed nuts fared far better than the olive oil group, reducing their cholesterol markedly.

So how do you cut out oil from your diet?

Here are the 4 steps to take to make it happen:

  1. Learn to steam-fry. This is incredibly easy, especially if you’re consuming a plant-based (or mostly plant-based) diet. Simply use a tablespoon or two of water or vegetable broth to cook your vegetables, adding small amounts of liquid if necessary to keep things from sticking to the pan.
  2. Make oil-free salad dressings, using whole food fat sources. If you have a good blender, you can add whole nuts and/or seeds to any homemade dressing you make, or you can whisk in tahini or almond butter to any dressing you may be making in a bowl. If that’s not for you and you’d rather use a fat-free dressing, try the next tip.
  3. Add nuts, seeds, avocados, and/or olives to your salads and vegetable dishes. This one is self-explanatory. Add some whole food fat sources, if you want, to add texture, flavor and healthy nutrient-dense fats to your diet.
  4. Read your labels. Look at the ingredient lists of any packaged products you buy and avoid buying products with added oil. Many products on the shelves, such as some dried fruit, contain added oils and you might not even realize it!

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Jeff Taraday

Jeff Taraday

Certified Health Coach and Nutritional Education Trainer at The Plant Eater
Jeff Taraday is a reformed junk food addict, barbecue junkie, and beer-swilling frat guy who discovered the power of a whole foods, plant-based diet in in 2010. Switching to a plant-based diet has helped him lose over 40 pounds, clear up his mind, and transform him into a fitness and exercise junkie and a plant-based nutrition advocate.

Jeff is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Nutritional Education Trainer through the Nutritional Education Institute. He has also completed a certification in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. He is the author of the blog The Plant Eater, and coaches individuals and families how to easily and deliciously incorporate nutrient-dense, plant-centric meals into their daily lives. He currently works as a wellness coach for a corporate wellness consulting firm to improve the lives of the employee populations of companies around the country.

He is also a member of the board of Groceryships, a non-profit that provides grocery scholarships, nutritional education, and emotional support to low-income families in South Los Angeles, California.

For more from Jeff, you can subscribe to his newsletter.
Jeff Taraday


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